Community safety unit

Residents consistently tell us that crime and the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour are their key concerns and we work to address these priorities.

Much of our work is strategic in nature and we work closely with our partners in the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership to achieve this aim.

Our partners in the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership include:

  • British Transport Police
  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • Hammersmith & Fulham Primary Care Trust
  • Metropolitan Police
  • London Fire Brigade
  • National Probation Service
  • The London Ambulance Service

The community safety unit deals with:

The anti-social behaviour unit deals with:

Contact us

Community Safety Unit
Room 203, Hammersmith Town Hall
King Street
London W6 9JU

020 8753 2816

Antisocial Behaviour Unit
Room 203, Hammersmith Town Hall
King Street
London W6 9JU

020 8753 2693