Community Payback

What is the Community Payback Scheme?
The Community Payback Scheme is a joint initiative between us, the police and probation.

This partnership sees low-level offenders, who have been given an unpaid work order as part of their sentence, tackling quality-of-life crimes and issues that affect the day-to-day lives of the community and local businesses.

Tasks include removal of graffiti, litter and fly-tipped rubbish, clearing over-grown areas and pruning bushes and trees to improve visibility, making paths safer for pedestrians.

The initiative not only leads to visible improvements to local areas and reduces fear of crime, but also equips offenders with essential life skills which aim to prevent them re-offending.

Who is involved?
Work in this borough is supervised by the London Community Rehabilitation Company.

How does it work?
Sites can be suggested by police, partners and the local community. Suggestions are assessed on whether the project would help to reduce crime and the fear of crime by improving the quality of life for local residents, and whether it is a priority need as identified by the local community.

How do I suggest a project?
To make a nomination for a project contact the National Offender Management Service by email at

Please include the name of the project or organisation, where the work would take place, a short description of the work to be done and your contact details. Your nomination will then be assessed for suitability.