Hammersmith constituency

Election of a Member of Parliament for the Hammersmith constituency on 12 December 2019.

Statement of persons nominated

The following persons have been and stand validly nominated:

  • Alex Horn (Green Party)

    Home address: (Address in the Cities of London and Westminster constituency)

    Description: Green Party

    Names of the persons who signed the nomination paper:

    • Naranee N Ruthra-Rajan (proposer)
    • Colin Patrick David Murphy (seconder)
    • Alexandra Wicks
    • Elizabeth M Barr
    • Matilda Mann
    • Eileen F L Hawkes
    • Michael C Beasley
    • Helena S Beasley
    • Catriona Marie Clare Graffius
    • Honor Powley

    Name of agent: Colin Patrick David Murphy

    Address to which claims and other documents may be sent: 23C Askew Road, London, W12 9AD  

  • James Andrew Keyse (Brexit Party)

    Home address: (Address in the Hammersmith constituency)

    Description: Brexit Party

    Names of the persons who signed the nomination paper:

    • Lindsay Jenkins (proposer)
    • Nicholas Oliver Kaplan (seconder)
    • Andrew J J Boyden
    • Caroline Ruth Ffiske
    • Laura J Newman
    • Alexandra Claire Evans
    • Bryan Edward Turner
    • Emily Nozomi Morgan
    • Louisa M Hutchinson
    • Elizabeth Fiona Ligonnet

    Name of agent: Candidate acting as own agent

    Address to which claims and other documents may be sent: Flat 1, 4 Challoner Street, London, W14 9LB

  • Andy Slaughter (Labour Party)

    Home address: (Address in the Hammersmith constituency)

    Description: Labour Party

    Names of the persons who signed the nomination paper:

    • Andrew P Harden (proposer)
    • Bora Kwon (seconder)
    • Natalia Perez Shepherd
    • Francis J Lukey
    • Mercy C Umeh
    • Vivienne J Lukey
    • Zarar Qayyum
    • Asif Siddique
    • William Quigley Hunter
    • Larry Brenden Culhane

    Name of agent: Larry Culhane

    Address to which claims and other documents may be sent: Hammersmith Labour Party, 28 Greyhound Road, London, W6 8NX 

  • Jessie Venegas (Liberal Democrat)

    Home address: (Address in the Hammersmith constituency)

    Description: Liberal Democrat

    Names of the persons who signed the nomination paper:

    • Alison Hancock (proposer)
    • Katharine Elisabeth Rolande Remy (seconder)
    • Jon Burden
    • Paul Edward Michael Reynolds
    • Nicholas E Elverston
    • Michele Pacitti
    • William E Goodhart
    • Kate E Goodhart
    • Aparna Garimella
    • Celia Chiu Thaysen

    Name of agent: Philip Barton

    Address to which claims and other documents may be sent: Ground Floor Flat, 23 Benbow Road, London, W6 0AU

  • Xingang Wang (The Conservative Party Candidate)

    Home address: 32 Romney Court, Shepherds Bush Green, London, W12 8PY

    Description: The Conservative Party Candidate

    Names of the persons who signed the nomination paper:

    • Mark Christopher Mortimore Higton (proposer)
    • Dominic Stanton (seconder)
    • Adronie E Alford
    • William Js Marshall
    • Paul John Brown
    • Edward Laing
    • Amanda A Loveday
    • Richard S Ford
    • Patricia Wyndham
    • Stephen M Askins

    Name of agent: Mark Higton

    Address to which claims and other documents may be sent: Hammersmith Conservative Association, 4 Greyhound Road, London, W6 8NX

Notice of poll

Voting will take place on 12 December 2019 between 7am and 10pm.

The number to be elected is 1.

Situation of polling stations

Polling station postcode search

The situation of the polling stations is set out below:

Temporary Station
Corner of Sulgrave Road/Poplar Grove
W6 7RD
Number: 1
Polling district: ADA

Charecroft Estate Community Hall,
Rockley Road
W12 8PQ
Number: 2
Polling district: ADB

Addison Primary School
Addison Gardens
W14 0DT
Number: 3
Polling district: ADC

St Marys RC Primary School
Masbro Road
W14 0LT
Number: 4
Polling district: ADD

St Saviour’s Church Hall
Cobbold Road
W12 9LN
Number: 5
Polling district: ASA

Askew Road Library
87-91 Askew Road
W12 9AS
Number: 6
Polling district: ASB

Greenside Primary School
Westville Road
W12 9PT
Number: 7
Polling district: ASC

Holy Trinity Parish Centre
Brook Green
W6 7BL
Number: 8
Polling district: ABA

Springvale Tenants Hall
Blythe Road
W14 0PW
Number: 9
Polling district: ABB

St Marys Church Hall
Edith Road
W14 9BA
Number: 10
Polling district: ABC

Avonmore Primary School
Avonmore Road
W14 8RL
Number: 11
Polling distrcit: ABD

Kenmont Primary School
Valliere Road
NW10 6AL
Number: 12
Polling district: CPA

Old Oak Community Centre
76 Braybrook Street
W12 0AP
Number: 13
Polling district: CPC

Brickfields Hall
Off Shinfield Street
W12 0BZ
Number: 14
Polling district: CPD

Ark Bentworth Primary Academy
Bentworth Road
W12 7AJ
Number: 15
Polling district: CPE

Wood Lane Community Centre
78 White City Close
W12 7DZ
Number: 16
Polling district: CPF

Melcombe Primary School
Colwith Road
W6 9ER
Number: 20
Polling district: FRA

Matthews Community Hall
Margravine Road
W6 8HJ
Number: 21
Polling district: FRB

Bishop Creighton House
378 Lillie Road
Number: 22
Polling district: FRC

Twynholm Baptist Church
Fulham Cross
Number: 23
Polling district: FRD

Brackenbury Primary School
Brackenbury Road
W6 0BA
Number: 24
Polling district: HBA

West London Free School Primary
Cambridge Grove
W6 0LB
Number: 25
Polling district: HBB

Macbeth Centre
Macbeth Street
W6 9JJ
Number: 26
Polling district: HBC

St Pauls CE Primary School
Worlidge Street
W6 9BP
Number: 27
Polling district: HBD

Bhavan Centre
Challoner Street
W14 9HE
Number: 32
Polling district: NEA

West Kensington Estate Tenants Hall
80 Lillie Road
Number: 33
Polling district: NEB

St Andrews Church
Greyhound Road
W14 9SA
Number: 34
Polling district: NEC

John Betts House
Rylett Road
W12 9NJ
Number: 42
Polling district: RPA

Holy Innocents Church Hall
Paddenswick Road
W6 0UB
Number: 43
Polling district: RPC

St Peters CE Primary School
47 St Peters Grove
W6 9AY
Number: 44
Polling district: RPD

Temporary Station
North Verbena Gardens
St Peter’s Square
W6 9AH
Number: 45
Polling district: RPE

Church of God
1A Loftus Road
W12 7EH
Number: 50
Polling district: SBA

Miles Coverdale School
Coverdale Road
W12 8JJ
Number: 51
Polling district: SBB

Village Hall
58 Bulwer Street
W12 8AP
Number: 52
Polling district: SBC

Edward Woods Community Centre
60-70 Norland Road
W11 4TX
Number: 53
Polling district: SBD

Wormholt Park Primary School
Bryony Road
W12 0SR
Number: 57
Polling district: WWA

White City Community Centre
India Way
W12 7QT
Number: 58
Polling district: WWB

St Lukes Church
Uxbridge Road
W12 0NS
Number: 59
Polling district: WWC

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