Tell us you are moving in/out

If you are moving in or out of the borough you need to tell us. You can use the Move In Move Out (MIMO) facility in My Account to tell us you are moving.

Please use the MIMO facility in My Account if:

  • you are moving into Hammersmith & Fulham. Tell us the address you are moving from including the post code
  • you are a resident moving out of Hammersmith & Fulham. Tell us the address you are moving to including a post code
  • you are moving into the borough within the next 30 days or have moved in within the last 60 days.

You will not be able to use the MIMO facility if:

  • you are moving abroad - addresses abroad will not have a postcode and unfortunately will not be accepted
  • you moved into the borough more than 60 days ago or want to tell us about a move happening more than 30 days from now.

In these circumstances please contact us about your move.

You will need to let other services within the council know, for example if you have a parking permit - contact us about parking permits.

The Move In Move Out facility is only available between the hours of 7am and 10pm, so you will need to complete your transaction during these hours.

Direct debit

This is the most efficient way for us to collect council tax. Once your council tax account is registered on My Account you can set up a direct debit, view your instalments and change the bank account details. You may not be able to do this straight away.

Sole occupier

If you are moving into a new address within Hammersmith & Fulham and are a sole occupier, once you register your council tax account on my account you can then use the sole occupier discount facility within the council tax part of My Account to apply for sole occupier discount. This will allow you to see your new balance and adjusted instalments. You may not be able to do this straight away.

Can't view your council details after telling us about a move/change?

Not all cases can be updated automatically – some situations require us to check information. If this happens we will email you or send an amended bill in the post. You will then be able to see your council tax information on My Account by adding your council tax account to your My Account (if you've not already done so).