Discretionary council tax support COVID-19

The government has given extra funding to councils to help people who are struggling to pay their council tax because of the impact that COVID-19 is having on their financial situation.

The council is making this funding available through a discretionary council tax support fund for those residents, including the self employed, who are falling into financial difficulty because of the current crisis and don’t already receive council tax support.

This is a discretionary scheme with limited funds which can be a short-term help if your income has reduced and you are struggling to pay your council tax. 

This scheme is for working age residents. You can't claim for this if you have reached pensionable age as the amount of council tax support you can claim as a pensioner is greater than that for someone of working age.

Apply for discretionary council tax support

Other help and support with paying your council tax

We already have an established council tax support scheme which provides support to households on low and moderate incomes. We will automatically be reducing bills by up to £200 for all working age households that receive some help through the council tax support scheme but still currently pay something towards their council tax. 

You do not need to do anything to receive this discount, the council will be issuing new council tax bills as quickly as possible. 

In addition, if you already get council tax support and are getting the up to £200 additional hardship but you still can’t pay the balance because your outgoings have gone up dramatically due to being at home through Covid, we can also consider you for the discretionary council tax support fund.

Universal Credit and council tax support scheme.

If your income has stopped or decreased, you may be entitled to claim Universal Credit with the Department of works and pensions, this should help with your living costs and any rent or mortgage you may have. 

You can also claim council tax support from the council.

Please visit Make a new claim to find out about council tax support and Universal Credit.

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