Travel advice from Transport for London

On Monday 11 May Transport for London (TfL) published updated plans and advice to help Londoners travel safely and sustainably. This follows the government’s announcement on how restrictions on movement will gradually start to ease.

The advice is as follows:

  • If you can work from home, please continue to do so. Social distancing on transport will not be possible unless people who can work from home continue to do so.
  • Do not expect to return to the transport network you were used to before. The number of people we can safely transport on buses and trains is severely constrained to enable social distancing.
  • If you must travel, please reimagine how to do so. Walk and cycle if you can. New walking and cycling space is being created to support this.
  • Shop locally and use local leisure facilities to help keep demand on buses and tubes down.
  • If using public transport, or taxi and private hire services that we regulate, please:
    - travel outside of peak times
    - use a facial covering
    - carry a hand sanitizer
    - wash your hands before and after you travel.
  • The latest government advice is that, although face coverings are unlikely to prevent you from getting the virus, they could help prevent you from giving it to others. Face coverings are particularly important where 2m social distancing is hard to maintain.
  • Further measures to prevent crowding through new queuing systems will be in operation, and advice on maintaining social distancing will be supplied across the transport network.
  • Please respect each other’s space and try to maintain social distancing wherever possible.
  • TfL’s hardworking staff are there to help: please act on their instructions and respect them at all times.
  • If you absolutely must drive, avoid peak times and obey speed limits and traffic laws.

Read TfL’s announcement in more detail here.