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H&F’s Book of Remembrance

Please use this online Book of Remembrance to share tributes and pay your respects this Remembrance Sunday to those who gave their lives to protect our freedoms. Each year, on Remembrance Sunday we commemorate those we have lost with a two-minute silence and parades in Fulham and Shepherds Bush. Our hearts and thoughts are with them and their families who have suffered so much.”

Cllr PJ Murphy, Mayor of Hammersmith & Fulham

For more information about H&F’s Remembrance Sunday 2021, including parades and services, please visit: Remembrance Sunday.

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Your tributes

Anthony Norman 

Often think of an old school chum who died on the other side of the world. Someone often thinks of you all these years later. Rest in eternal peace.

Colin Geoffery, 28/11/2021

Anthony Norman

Who served and died in the Falklands War.

Diane Fisher, 13/11/2021

William Frederick Forge

Great uncle Will, who was killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme (1 July 1916) in Mash Valley (Ovillers-La Boiselle) aged 20. He has no grave, but is known unto God and memorialised at Thiepval. My mother kept his memory alive for us, as we have done for the next generation.

Colonel Sandys also deserves a dedication. Col Sandys was Will’s commanding officer. He had tried to warn the generals that the battle would be futile as the previous week’s barrage had not been sufficient to breach the enemy lines. He was correct. He was wounded and returned to England traumatised by the horrors he witnessed. Unable to continue as a CO he took his own life in September 1916, and is buried in Brompton Cemetery. Colonel Sandys is one of the few who spoke truth to power.

Mary Smith, 13/11/2021

All who suffered for us

Our thoughts are with all the families who have all suffered. We will remember you. A Big Thank You

Peggie Evadney Coulson-Lalgie, 11/11/2021

All who fought in the two World Wars

Thank you for your sacrifices. We must never forget and not squander the gift of peace that you gave us. We must learn the lessons of history

Nicola Hale, 11/11/2021

All of the fallen soldiers

God bless them all!!

Roy Weatherhead, 11/11/2021

To all soldiers who fought

Wars should never ever happen. We should never be put into a position taking the lives of another human being.
But there are times when awful, evil acts are committed. It’s in these times that one’s bravery can help to stop those in the act of evil and torture.
There are not enough words to know how brave you were and the resilience showed to help defeat those who were in the midst of committing these barbaric crimes.
I cannot imagine the things that were experienced and witnessed but I can pay my personal commendation to each and everyone person across the four alliances.
Evil was defeated through the bravery, strength and union of working together. Lest we forget.

Renee de Neve, 10/11/2021

To all personnel

To all the fallen and their families respect and grateful thanks and I honour the victims and maimed in service or terrorisim.

Carol menary, 09/11/2021

Fallen soldier

I never met you, I never knew you but I care. You and all your fellow soldiers will always be remembered.

Peter Hamm, 09/11/2021

Every Fallen solidier

Thank you to all those who gave their lives for us alive today. So that we could have peace and harmony in the world tomorrow. Your bravery and courage can never be forgotten, to give us a tomorrow and we owe each and every soldier alive or dead in all wars our eternal love and gratitude. Your names will stand the test of time. Thank you and may God bless you all.

Clifford Pinto, 08/11/2021

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