White City Residents Association

White City Residents Association

Service name: The Play Partnership

Service description:

The White City Residents Association, with H&F Council funding, provides year-round play for children and young people in the White City and Wormholt areas.

Funding until:

31 March 2021     

Annual funding:


In the past year...

  • Thirteen volunteers have supported 251 residents, with 92% of children saying that the organised play sessions make the whole area feel safer. The association has raised an extra £3,659 itself


  • 95% of parents and carers have said they are less worried about stranger danger, traffic and lack of space, and that their children feel more confident to play in their local open spaces
  • 100% of children report that they feel safe playing in the outreach sessions
  • 86% of children report feeling more included in their local community and making more friends as a result of attending play sessions

Looking ahead:

  • The association has employed a new play worker, improving team dynamics and bringing in new ideas about running lively play sessions 
  • There has already been great feedback from parents and children about the play sessions. Increasingly parents are volunteering to help set up sessions 
  • Improvements to Wormholt Park means the space is being used more by the public, and meaning more successful play sessions are being run there

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