West London Action for Children

Service name: Children and Parenting Programme

Service description:

With H&F Council funding, West London Action for Children offer counselling, individual and group therapy to children, families and in schools. The service has raised an extra £500,553 in funding.

Funding until:

31 March 2021         

Annual funding: 


In the past year...

  • The service has helped 142 residents improve emotional and social well-being and resilience, better family relationships, and boosted confidence and independence. 


Parents and carers report positive improvements in the relationship with their child

Children report positive self-response as a result of the service

Interaction is improved, isolation reduced and there is a greater sense of community

68 children took part in school counselling sessions

Looking ahead:

  • A milestone was passed in 2017, when the WLAC celebrated its centenary. This has been a springboard to market the charity and raise awareness about its work. The next challenge is to broaden the local support base and fundraise an additional £100,000 to further expand services.
  • Backing from H&F Council has helped the charity gain other funding; much from outside the borough.
  • Clients have been able to criss-cross between the services enabling the service to develop a holistic approach to their needs.
  • WLAC is running innovative projects to find new ways of working with clients.
  • WLAC has improved connections with other borough agencies.

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