Urbanwise.London (formerly H&F Urban Studies Centre)

Urbanwise.London the urban studies centre

Service area: Active local learning service

Service description

We fund Urbanwise.London to deliver the Active Local Learning service to enable local young people to learn about their local environment by supporting schools to take part in local studies sessions, outdoor learning sessions, workshops to promote healthy living and a learning with nature early years  and healthy living sessions.

Funding until

31 March 2021     

Annual funding level


In the past year.....

  • 8 volunteers have worked with 1,296 children at 26 schools in a project which has also seen £113,960 in funding raised independently.


After the local learning sessions on history, geography, and science, 95% of children and teachers were positive, with 80% stating they now know more about the local environment. The outdoor learning sessions on literacy and maths were enjoyed by 98% of the young participants, while 193 children and 185 adult residents took part in healthy living events to encourage healthy eating and taking exercise. The Learning in Nature sessions offered hands-on interactive learning in parks and school gardens for 30 Year1 children at All Saints primary, with a 98% approval rating.


“This is more fun than break.”

“I like learning outside because I get to move.”

“I loved meeting the experts.” (School Travel Project)

“Great organisation, speakers and leaders. Very child friendly.” (Children’s Choice Conference)

“We loved it. A valuable experience for the children.” (local primary school)

“Excellent sessions. Really brought WW1 and the local area to life.” (St Augustine’s primary)

Looking ahead:

Urbanwise.London has been delivering other projects to young H&F residents:

  • School Travel Project - The centre worked with 14 H&F schools to improve safety, reduce car pollution to and from school and promote healthy exercise
  • Children’s Parliament on the Environment Project - Ten Year6 classes from primary schools took part in projects, researching and presenting a wide range of topics
  • Earls Court Project - With Sir John Lillie primary Year4, Fulham Boys (Year7) and two Kensington & Chelsea schools, this studied area changes and produced a brochure of children’s work
  • Tales of the Thames Path Project – Backed by Heritage Lottery funding, Urbanwise worked with five H&F primary schools and three K&C primaries on discovering the heritage of the Thames Path
  • Childrens Choice Bi-Borough Conference - Urbanwise worked with Epic CIC on this event in Kensington Town Hall, with children from both boroughs organise a conference about health, including workshops. In all, 66 children attended
  • Family events, walks and training - engaging in the natural environment

Strategic progress

  • Trustees are working on moving Urbanwise to the Fulham Jetty in 2018
  • New links have been made with riverside organisations
  • Successful consultation with teachers and other organisations
  • A name change, in April 2017, to Urbanwise.London

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