Service description


Local Studies: Discovery sessions focussing on history, geography and science in the local area, including:

  • Outdoor Learning: Active learning sessions with a focus on literacy and maths
  • Healthy Living Events: encouraging healthy eating and taking exercise. These sessions are delivered both at special events and during the school day
  • Learning in Nature: aimed at younger children and informed by the philosophy of Forest Schools, these are hands-on interactive learning sessions outdoors in parks or school 

Funding until

31 March 2021     

Annual funding level


In the past year.....

  • We reached many more residents through distributing our discovery guides and promoting our film and learning resources through social media and our website.

Number of residents supported


Use of volunteers:

The service’s ten volunteers delivered 415 hours of work. This is the equivalent to £4,502 if the London Living Wage is applied to the volunteering hours.

Outcomes being achieved

Due to school closures for much of the year and huge restrictions on visitors going into schools we had very few school bookings for our normal outdoor learning and local studies sessions. We delivered our work this year mostly through socially distanced playschemes, and in addition we made new learning resources. We re-connected with schools in the autumn term through our Mudlarks project which was delivered both virtually and through learning in the playground.

  • Local studies: 145 children from LBHF schools enjoyed learning more about their local area 
  • Children’s Parliament on the Environment project (spring term) worked with 5 LBHF primary school Year 6s, learning about a range on environmental issues (125 children)
  • Easter playscheme worked with 7 key worker children with craft activities
  • We worked with 10 families during the summer holidays on an outdoor playscheme that included literacy, maths and STEM subjects
  • Our learning in nature project this year worked within the summer playscheme with younger children, including some healthy living activities
  • Our Autumn Mudlarks project with 6 H&F primary school classes, partly virtual and partly outdoor learning worked with 154 children over a 5 session project
  • 30 teachers and teaching assistants from Sulivan primary school received training in outdoor learning in September
  • We offered a Mudlarks Summer Challenge to local families, providing a range of family activities out and about in the local area for the summer
  • We lead to riverside walks with Action on Disability participants during summer (8)
  • We worked with 12 children from Miles Coverdale school, helping them to go for Eco Club status and engaging them with local environment
  • We led the geography and history co-ordinators good practice group 
  • We created 2 walking guides for local residents (Grand Union Canal and Portobello Road)
  • We created 2 guides made by children (Margravine Cemetery and Westway green spaces)
  • We created a family activity guide to Earls Court
  • We led 7 socially distanced walks for 23 LBHF residents (winter, summer and autumn)
  • We made a film about Portobello Road’s Black history which we shared with local residents

Funding raised


Future plans

  • Working with LBHF Children’s Services on climate change project and plans 
  • Delivering “Bazalgette’s London’ project with 2 primary schools and local residents of LBHF 
  • Delivering Urban STEAM hands-on projects to LBHF school classes ( X4) 
  • Supporting LBHF’s Climate Change teachers with advice and resources 
  • Planning new “Learning in the playground’ sessions for summer term 
  • Planning Mudlarks III project for summer/ autumn term 
  • Planning sessions for family learning, including park walks and activities in partnership with LBHF Family and Adult learning ‘Discover your Hammersmith and Fulham’ for this summer 
  • Making and sharing Hammersmith Black History Film (supported by Hammersmith United Charities) 
  • Supporting geography and history best practice group and climate teacher group 
  • Re- engaging with schools for our Schools programme for summer term 
  • Making new Schools Brochure 
  • Designing new on -line course for adults 
  • Planning and delivering our Young Explorers after school club 
  • Moving from Lilla Huset in August to new premises 

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