Urban Partnership Group – Parents @ Masbro

Service description

Urban Partnership Group

UPG are awarded funding to deliver the Parents@Masbro Service.

The service will include the following:

  • Deliver 8-week Triple P parenting programmes ensuring families have access to parenting support at an early stage of need.
  • Deliver a parent learning and development event for parents who have a child with special educational needs and/or disability
  • Undertake Arabic and Somali family outreach ensuring families will have access to positive parenting programmes in their native language and have access to education, training and health services.
  • Deliver 4-week ‘About Boys Course’ targeting lone mothers.
  • Deliver a wide range of one off 2-hour bite-size workshops on a range of topics and issues identified by parents themselves.
  • Provide parents and professionals with one to one and group advice, guidance and mentoring on family and parenting issues together with sign-posting and referral to other appropriate support organisations.
  • In conjunction with other UPG services such as the Masbro Children’s Centre and Masbro Youth Club deliver family fitness sessions, healthy eating workshops and shopping and cooking on a budget, including cultural cuisine and intergenerational events.
  • Identify, train and support volunteer parenting craft practitioners to set up and run a sustainable network of community-based parenting support groups.

Funded until

31 March 2021           

Annual funding level


In the past year

Recruited 3 Parents@Masbro specific volunteers

Number of residents supported


Use of volunteers

The service’s 100 volunteers delivered 7800 hours of work.  This is the equivalent to £84,630 if the London Living Wage is applied to the volunteering hours. This is across UPG’s three grant funded projects.

Outcomes being achieved

  • Parents report an increase in confidence, knowledge and understanding in their parenting role
  • Parents learn new parenting skills and strategies
  • Parents feel more confident in managing their child's behaviour
  • Parents are able to establish clear boundaries and routines for their child/ren
  • Parents report improved parent child relationship
  • Parents have a better understanding of child development and the needs of their child
  • Parents report feel less stressed and an improvement in their home environment
  • Parents report feeling more positive about the future and know where to access support services
  • Parents can share skills and experiences with other parents
  • Parents can make friends and develop a support network
  • Parents report feeling less isolated

Funding raised

£430,000 for UPG – benefitting all three grant funded projects

Future plans

  • Revert to delivering programmes in community settings as soon as it is safe to do so and government advice permits
  • Identify and train additional parenting craft practitioners
  • Develop a social enterprise
  • Grow our ‘Lunch and Learn’ event for trained facilitators and use is as a forum for networking and both personal and professional development
  • Offer programmes which are tailored at parents who have experienced domestic abuse, those who have a child with a SEND and more targeted work with parents of teenagers specifically in relation to grooming, exploitation, peer pressure

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