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We fund Urban Partnership Group to run the Parents @ Masbro service -  a Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme) and Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities programme. Activities include:

  • eight-week parenting programme
  • Arabic and Somali parenting programmes and outreach
  • four-week ‘About Boy’s Course’
  • Volunteering opportunities

Funded until

31 March 2021

Annual funding level


Outcomes/impacts for residents

  • 6 volunteers dedicated 180 hours to the service adding a value of £1,755
  • 140 parents were supported to access and complete 14 separate group based parenting support programmes
  • 19 parents completed and 8-week support programme
  • 55 parents accessed one off bite-size workshops on a range of topics
  • 18 parents undertook group based parenting support programmes in Arabic and Somali
  • 20 parents took part in a learning and development event
  • Parents@Masbro identified and trained 6 parent volunteers to facilitate groups within their local community
  • 87% of parents attending the programme reported feeling more confident at the end of the programme
  • 70% of parents reported a better understanding of child development and the needs of their own individual child/ren, and as a result, felt better able to manage their childs behaviour and improve their childs health and well being
  • 78% of parents reported an increase in their skills and strategies they had to manage their childs behaviour and 64% of parents directly related attending a programme to reducing stress levels in the family home. 53% of parents felt that programmes had supported them to feel less isolated and access community groups
  • A total of 12 parents were supported to complete the 4-week 'About Boys Course'
  • The average satisfaction for the 'About Boys Course' was 4 out of a possible score of 5
  • 92% of parents who attended the programme reported they had learnt new skills and strategies in relation to managing their childs behaviour
  • 58% of parents reported a better understanding of child development and in turn the needs of their own child
  • 83% of parents reported attending a programme has helped to increase their self confidence
  • 75% of parents reported an improvement in their relationship with their child
  • A 6-week targeted programme was delivered in partnership with Dieticians, Nutritionists and Physical Activity Specialists
  • 75% of parents completing the programme reported course goals and objectives of establishing healthy habits for life had been met
  • 87% of parents reported an increase and improvement in their own fitness but also the fitness and activity levels of their own child as a result of having taken part in the sessions

Funding raised


Other achievements/future plans for the service

During this period, the project has identified and trained 6 volunteer parenting craft practitioners, with 4 having gone on to complete training in the 'Triple P', 'Teen Triple P' and 'Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities' programmes.  A further 2 are due to undertake Speak Easy facilitator training in the New Year.

Key highlights this year included supporting 16 parents to work toward a level 1 or 2 Open College Network qualification through the 8-week Speak Easy parenting programme which specifically helps to increase parent's knowledge, understanding and confidence in relation to sex and relationship education.  Topics discussed include puberty, relationships growing up and keeping safe.

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