Shepherds Bush Families Project and Children's Centre

Service description

Shepherds Bush Families Project

Services that support families living in insecure housing, including housing that is temporary, overcrowded, in a state of despair or otherwise unsuitable. Offer a range of services for families, children and young people. Those funded by LBHF 3SIF:

  • After School Club and holiday provision for children and young people
  • Systemic Family Therapy
  • Parent and infant drop-in group

Funded until

31 March 2021           

Annual funding level


In the past year

During lockdown, work not funded by 3SIF included:

  • Distribution of food, clothing and other essential items for families
  • 1:1 Counselling – remotely or face to face
  • Advice and advocacy  - remotely and face to face
  • Parent and child day time and evening drop-in
  • Groups and classes for parents to support their return to work or moving into vocational higher paid work
  • Volunteer support for young people, parents and others

Number of residents supported


Use of volunteers

The service’s 32 volunteers delivered 56 hours of work each. This is the equivalent to £19,443 if the London Living Wage is applied to the volunteering hours.

Outcomes being achieved

  • 98% of family members report better relationships
  • 95% of C&YP report they are better able to complete homework and coursework and feel more confident at school/college
  • 60% report that they have been supported to undertake online learning during Covid -19
  • 90%  of Parents report that they feel more confident & able to support children with homework tasks and their children are more willing to complete homework/coursework
  • 97% of under 5’s have reached  their expected milestones, whilst 100% of children with additional needs and those failing to meet their expected milestones will be monitored and supported to progress.
  • 95% C&YP report they are eating healthier as a result of the after school club and the healthy food parcels we have been sending out during the Covid-19 crisis
  • 95% of Parents report that their children are eating healthier.
  • 100% C&YP report that they have a better understanding of nutritional value of food and how it supports their physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • 95% C&YP report that they feel more confident taking part in sports and physical activities outside of the project and have a better understanding of how their bodies work.
  • 98% of Babies are established and continue on the trajectory of healthy growth and development and 100% those falling behind have been supported to progress
  • 100% of parents report a better understanding of children nutritional  and health needs
  • 95% of C&YP with additional needs and their parents feel they are supported and benefit from the after school club
  • 100% of C&YP with any additional needs will have been identified whilst attending the after school club and through talking to parents
  • 100% of parents with children that have additional needs report that they feel their child has had improved opportunities to participate in a choice and range of activities
  • 100% of parents with infants that have additional needs report that they feel improved opportunities and choice have been available
  • 90% C&YP report that they feel safer  whilst 86% of C&P will state that they are aware of how to deal with unsafe situations that may arise
  • 95% C&YP report that they feel more able to interact positively with their peers and able to reject negative behaviours and situations
  • 80%  of families report effective communication and ability to resolve disputes calmly and know how to access our Systemic Family Therapy
  • 98% of parents report that they feel they can keep their children safe and that their children are healthy able to succeed and that the needs of their children are being met
  • 95% of children (with appropriate language)  report feeling safe and healthy and able to succeed
  • Observations and monitoring of families where there are children with complex needs have shown that 95% of children are safe, healthy and their needs are being met in a way that supports them to succeed.

Funding raised


Future plans

Continue running the following activities

  • After school club
  • School holiday provision
  • Systemic Family Therapy – face to face or remotely
  • Parent and infant drop-in sessions

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