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Resurgo deliver: The Spear Programme at the Spear Hammersmith & Fulham Centre

The Spear Programme is a year-long coaching programme for local 16-24 year olds who are not in employment or education.

The main programme element delivered over 6 weeks (Spear Foundation), includes group and 1-1 sessions designed to increase young people’s self-belief and readiness for the working world. These are highly interactive, incorporating intensive coaching around attitudinal barriers as well as hard and soft skill development (e.g. CV writing and professional communication). We actively source job vacancies with a growing network of employers and facilitate external touchpoints with working professionals, including practice interviews. We provide ongoing assistance with employment and education applications, alongside coaching support as each young person progresses.

Funded until

31 March 2021           

Annual funding level


In the past year

The Spear Programme was adapted for online delivery and has been successfully running across all Spear Centres, including Spear Hammersmith & Fulham, since autumn 2020

Number of residents supported

30 – with an additional number of young people from out of borough with funds raised externally

Use of volunteers

The service’s 54 volunteers delivered 158 hours of work. This is the equivalent to £1,714 if the London Living Wage is applied to the volunteering hours.

Outcomes being achieved

In 2020

  • Delivering the programme virtually has increased accessibility for those young people who would usually find travel to be a barrier e.g. young people with social anxiety or physical disabilities.
  • 54, of which 24 were residents, completed the initial six weeks of the programme and increased their work-readiness
  • Prior to Covid-19, 70% of those who completed Spear Foundation (initial 6 weeks of programme) entered employment, education or training (EET) and are still there a year later
  • Despite the challenging jobs market, we’re encouraged by the outcomes Spear Hammersmith & Fulham young people are achieving. Several have secured employment in the finance, education and media sectors, amongst others. The team have had particular success in supporting trainees into educational opportunities to help improve their career prospects in the long-term e.g. several are studying for their Level 2/GCSE Maths and English

Funding raised

£2.6 million

Future plans

  • Continue to deliver the Spear Programme online; meeting the increased demand brought about by Covid-19 and support young people facing unemployment and isolation to enter and sustain employment, education or further training
  • The Spear Hammersmith & Fulham team look forward to resuming in-person delivery when it’s safe to do so. They hope that young people are able to find hope through employment and they are committed to reversing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their lives.
  • Further develop local employer links in order to connect young people with potential opportunities

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