Ray's Playhouse

Service description

‘It’s all about me’

Providing workshops that actively involve the children or are delivered solely to parents and carers and are programmed to support their needs. Providing support to young carers and working in partnership with Children’s Centres and other providers in the area, to ensure a good all-round offer is available to residents

Ray’s Playhouse are required to monitor the take up of the service  by young carers and explore options for working with other providers in the area to develop additional services, maximising use of all assets and resources in the area.

Funded until

31 March 2021           

Annual funding level


In the past year

The programme has delivered a virtual programme due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Number of residents supported


Use of volunteers

The service’s 4 volunteers delivered 56 hours of work. This is the equivalent to £608 if the London Living Wage is applied to the volunteering hours.

Outcomes being achieved

Outcomes delivered in sessions at Ray’s Playhouse and through off site contact with families during COVID restrictions.

Safeguarding and Child Safety: 

  • 95% have made changes to ensure their children experience safer environments
  • 90% of individuals report increased understanding of the relevance of harm and neglect within Safeguarding Legislation

Positive Parenting/School Readiness:

  • 100% of children demonstrate increased confidence, social skills and aptitude for learning
  • 95% of individuals are providing more appropriate engagement with their children that support their learning and development

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity:

  • 95% of individuals now leading healthier lifestyles and access other services to move on to

Emotional Wellbeing

  • 95% of individuals will report increased awareness of mental health effects  on themselves and their children and have some knowledge of coping strategies.

Moving on/training/employment/volunteering:

  • 85% of adult individuals have gain knowledge, skills, advice and information to plan for their future and move on with their lives 

Funding raised

Ray’s Playhouse in the past year is approximately £13,943 of which £12,687 was restricted funding to complete building refurbishment. This funding is across the organisation – not soley this project.

Future plans

  • To continue to support families off site (setting is currently closed due to COVID restrictions) via email/virtually/telephone contact, hand/postal deliveries of activity/information packs 
  • Update Risk Assessment  for return to Ray’s Playhouse when COVID Rules allow and consider alternating groups of service users to allow more families to participate 
  • When appropriate, to reach out into the wider community to encourage access  from other families who are struggling and feel very isolated and vulnerable 
  • To continue to deliver the IAAM outcomes in any way possible in the current circumstances 
  • To prioritise the provision of ongoing support for mental health and wellbeing for adults /children and staff especially in current times 

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