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Service name: It’s All About Me

Service description:

Ray’s Playhouse provides creche and support sessions for parents and carers, funded by H&F Council. It offers advice and information as they prepare children for school and prepare themselves for work, study and career development. 

Funded until:

31 March 2021

Annual funding:


In the past year...

  • Five volunteers have supported 75 residents, including running two sessions on safeguarding and child safety in the home which – feedback shows – have led to positive change. Independently, the charity has raised £6,306 to further its work.


  • Discussions with parents and carers has improved understanding of child development, with new strategies applied… and a consequent boost to confidence and reduction in stress
  • Healthy cooking and food preparation sessions have been popular, with parents and carers encouraged to work with children in preparing snacks, drinks and meals with a wide range of food, especially fruit and veg
  • Emotional well-being is an integral part of every session, with opportunities for creativity, relaxation and respite. Parents and carers are now more aware of children’s emotional needs

Looking ahead:

It’s All About Me sessions have provided a foundation for learning new skills, gaining knowledge, forming new friendships and making a positive contribution, improving confidence and giving people the vision to create better lives for themselves and their children. Some have started jobs and training, others are planning to study or volunteer.

All have a better understanding of procedures for starting nursery or school, accessing other services and supporting children through early years. Several parents and carers have formed a friendship network to give something back and help fundraising to improve community cohesion.

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