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Service name: Game Plan

Service description:

London Sports Trust delivers weekly sport sessions for children aged 8 to 16, and up to age 25 for special educational needs or learning disability, with funding from H&F Council. Sessions take place in the Bayonne estate, Edward Woods estate, Fulham Court, Old Oak and Riverside Gardens, Hammersmith

Funded until:

31 March 2021

Annual funding level:


What this service achieved in the past year...

Number of residents supported: 302

Use of volunteers:

Number of volunteers involved: 51
Number of volunteer hours delivered: 430
Value of volunteer hours provided: £4,193

Outcomes/impact for residents:

  • 34 H&F residents were trained in officiating at, and organising, events
  • 233 H&F children participated in festivals in 2016
  • 302 young people took part in sports and exercise sessions, including a weekly summer camp at three sites, among them Townmead estate
  • 97 young people with learning disabilities or special education needs participated in sports sessions   
  • 17 young people with learning disabilities and special education needs have volunteered for the project
  • Working with other partners, the trust has offered more participation sports at more inclusive sessions
  • Recruiting five new young ambassadors means a youth forum has been formed

User feedback:

One 17-year-old from White City estate has been involved in trust projects for five years, attending holiday camps and estate sessions. He recently completed a life skills programme in DIY, communication and cooking, volunteered for the trust over the past year and, as a result, has been employed as a paid coach in the summer programme.

Funding raised:

£37,133 through fundraising and donations.

Other achievements/future plans

  • In autumn 2016, the trust started a new partnership with Masbro Centre to train and support volunteer for the City Sports Academy project
  • Young ambassadors have been promoting the service through social media and word of mouth, using inclusive marketing methods 
  • The trust will continue to work with partners from youth clubs and schools, other youth services and tenant and resident associations to raise awareness of the service

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