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London Sports Trust delivers weekly play sessions in the white city ward for children aged 2-11 accompanied by their parents or carers. Over the past year, there have been weekly play sessions across six differing locations. Furthermore, there have also been targeted online sessions in the aim of keeping to keep families active and healthy during the national lockdowns.

Funded until

31 March 2021

Annual funding level


In the past year

  • 248 hours of work supporting 281 LBHF residents.
  • 19 volunteers over the last 12 months
  • The total funding raised by London Sports Trust in the past year is approximately £6500
  • 119 unique children-accessing street play sessions.
  • 92 unique children accessing weekend play sessions in community spaces
  • 63 unique children supported by inclusion worker
  • 7 unique young people with additional needs supported into positive volunteering roles.
  • 12 unique parents of children with complex needs attending play sessions.
  • 112 street play sessions
  • 136 play in the park sessions in community spaces

Outcomes being achieved

1) 204 unique individual children & young people have regularly attend play sessions over the year (15% being children special educational needs).

2) 97% of children have reported feeling safer in their community

3) 88 % parents/carers have reported fewer concerns over stranger danger, traffic, lack of space, child behaviour

4) 93% of children have reported that the street play sessions provide a safe environment for them to play in their community.

5) 97 % of children have reported since attending the sessions they have developed new friendships.

6) All attendees have been signposted to attended mainstream clubs and so approximately 85 children have attended mainstream clubs independently.

7) 99% of parents who have regularly attend have reported a better understanding of their Childs play needs

8) Over 300 specially designed play manuals have been handed out to in-need white city families.

9) We have held 3 community play festivals in local parks and the street. For families to enjoy and be informed about our sessions.

10) 95% of the parents that have children with complex needs have reported feel they are having better play experiences at home.

Future plans

  • Provide more opportunities to parents of attendees by putting on more workshops and training qualifications
  • Provide online healthy bake & play sessions so families can learn the importance of healthy eating alongside play
  • Offer free session for nurseries during the pandemic so vulnerable children can still participate in play during the pandemic.
  • Host a white-city street play festival during next year’s national car-free day.

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