H&F Volunteer Centre

Service description

H&F Volunteer Centre

HFVC deliver:

  • Supporting H&F residents to volunteer in H&F voluntary and community sector organisations (from outreach to 1-2-1 interviews)
  • Acting as a volunteer recruitment service for H&F voluntary and community sector organisations
  • Supporting best practice volunteer management through tailored support for H&F voluntary sector organisations and Volunteer Organisers Forums
  • DBS advice and checking service

Funded until

31 March 2021           

Annual funding level


In the past year

The Volunteer Centre has supported the work of H&F CAN through training materials for the many volunteers that have come forward to .

Number of residents supported


Use of volunteers

The service’s 2 volunteers delivered 145 hours of work, equivalent to £1,573 if using the London Living Wage as a proxy measure.

Outcomes being achieved

  • 120 organisations have received direct support in recruitment, volunteer management, governance and good practice
  • 20 organisations have received advice and information on relevant funding
  • 5 received advice and information in on-line working and CRM systems for Volunteer Management
  • Over 2,500 people were matched with volunteering opportunities many in support of Covid-19 relief
  • At least 4 moved into employment as a result of volunteering placements
  • 120 attended online advice sessions for prospective volunteers.

Funding raised


Future plans

  • Working with LBHF to co-produce volunteer infrastructure needs for the voluntary and community sector
  • Deliver new project RETURN helping unemployed younger people to develop skills and experience through volunteering
  • Deliver new project Mutual Aid Plus supporting 
  • Helping businesses to support the voluntary and community sector in covid-19 recovery and post-Covid-19
  • Further developing Participaction programme to increase level of informal volunteering, participation and social action

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