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Service name: HFVC Gateway Service

Service description

The Gateway Service by H&F Volunteer Centre, is funded by H&F Council and trains and supports volunteers, placing them with third sector organisations in the borough. Areas such as communication skills, health and safety, risk assessment, trusteeship, law, and fundraising are delivered in partnership with education providers.

Funded until:

31 March 2019

Annual funding level:


In the past year...

  • A total of 2,656 referrals were made for 1,621 people by 16 volunteers giving 5,250 hours of service. Twenty-three volunteers found jobs, with 399 training places delivered and 261 people matched with volunteer placements. The service raised a further £10,000 in donations.

Outcomes being achieved:

  • 258 volunteer opportunities were created within other third sector organisations
  • 304 H&F residents attended workshops or training


“I have found the placement of my dreams. I feel I have a real opportunity to gain skills and experience that will hopefully enable me to get a job as a coach in the long term.”

“Volunteering has really helped me connect with other people and broken the isolation I was experiencing.  My placement understands if I need time off to be with my daughter. I could never get that flexibility with paid work.”

“I love the place, I feel so happy to help and feel I’m really contributing to the community.”

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