Groundwork London

Service description:

Groundwork provides a community landscape service with a broad range of activities including environmental volunteering, workshops and events. Funded by H&F, it works to improve communal areas on estates and in public open spaces

Funded until:

31 March 2021

Annual funding level:


What this service achieved in the past year...

Number of residents supported:


Use of volunteers:

Number of volunteers involved: 132
Number of volunteer hours delivered: 1,308
Value of volunteer hours provided: £12,753

Outcomes/impact for residents:

  • 197 residents participated in community garden sessions and nature-based activities
  • 646 accessed information and advice, guidance and educational programmes
  • 232 took part in training and mentoring programmes for young people
  • 498 participated in community and food-growing activities
  • 496 took part in community activities, consultation, volunteering and well-being programmes
  • 425 were encouraged to be actively involved in community improvement projects
  • 202 took part in walking/cycle sessions

User feedback:

“Thanks to the new garden and gardening sessions I have been able to enjoy the new outdoor space and grow fresh vegetables.”

“I am really thankful for a space to grow my own fruit and vegetables.”

“The gardening sessions are really fun and  informative, and Jane the gardener is very knowledgeable and friendly.”

Funding raised:

£118,281 through external fundraising

Other achievements/future plans

  • Project highly commended in the Planning & Placemaking awards 2016 London category
  • It won two Landscape Institute awards for adding value to a landscape, and the Fellows award for climate adaptation
  • Groundwork attended a meeting at Rainville estate with H&F to discuss a proposal to transform a sunken ball court into a food-growing garden
  • It raised interest and awareness about climate change on housing estates via creative design and innovative ways of working 
  • A new community group has been formed at Cheeseman’s Terrace to plan activities across the estate for the whole community
  • There has been collaborative working with Good Gym, where volunteers spent 15 hours clearing and painting an old storage unit
  • A new working relationship has been forged with Shepherds Bush Housing Association, with funding being secured for a landscape project
  • Groundwork secured EU funding for a pan-London health and well-being programme, Trifocal, emphasising food-growing, healthy eating and food waste reduction, working with community groups and schools
  • Two hundred standards trees are being planted in seven H&F estates, thanks to Groundwork securing City Hall funding. Work is being done by the award-winning Green Team, working with nine partner groups, including a training scheme which enhances young people’s employment prospects, H&F Housing, seven tenant and resident associations, and Quadron 
  • Housing estates improvement programme funding will create up to eight projects in 2017
  • The repurpose team and H&F Housing aim to fund the White City Loop beyond 2017

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