Doorstep Library Network

Service name: Doorstep Library Service

Service description:

The Doorstep Library Network, funded by H&F is a volunteer service delivering home visiting library and reading to low-income families and children aged 1- 12 on several estates in Hammersmith & Fulham. Also runs reading activities and events in school holidays.

Funding until:

31 March 2021    

Annual funding level:


In the past year:

In 2020, the service was:

Sharing stories in homes via video stories recorded by volunteers

Providing interactive online reading sessions between volunteers and families for some high-need families

Organising book swaps on doorsteps for the autumn term to provide access to books

Providing regular emailed signposting for families between April and September (educational and fun child activities, support for parents, financial support, foodbanks, mental health support)

Number of residents supported:


Use of volunteers:

The service’s 30 volunteers delivered 500 hours of work. This is the equivalent to £5,425, if the London Living Wage is applied to the volunteering hours.

Outcomes being achieved:

Parents engage with reading sessions

Children receive reading support

“at risk” families can be identified and signposted to supportive services and charities

Low income households receive more support

Children have the opportunity to access holiday events

Free books are provided for children from low income households

Funding raised:

£500,000 (approximately)

Future plans:

Roll-out of Online Story Corner, a new service offering online zoom sessions for all supported families. This entails volunteers and families meeting online once a week, to share stories and engage around books

Group reading sessions for 0-5’s

Books swapped on doorsteps or posted to children to ensure access

From the spring term 2021, Doorstep Library will be rolling out online sessions for new families, working with schools and other third sector partners to obtain more referrals to the service, benefitting many more children at a quicker pace, and support efforts to bridge the widening attainment gap

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