Community Accountancy Self Help

Service description

Community Accountancy Self Help (CASH), funded by H&F Council, gives financial advice to Third sector bodies including one-to-one support, training and e-learning, and (charged for) accountancy and bookkeeping.

Funding until:

31 March 2018  

Annual funding level


In the past year:

  • Three volunteers gave eight groups one-to-one support, with Soup 4 Lunch, Pan, Wilde Network, HFVC, Open Age, North Kensington Community Stables, Women’s African Networking & Development and KAW Africa, benefiting from 202 hours of voluntary time

Outcomes for residents

  • 90% of people who were trained reported increased understanding of topics covered
  • End-of-training evaluations reported problems solved, and said they could now fix it if the issue arose again

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