Bishop Creighton House – Community Centre

Service description

Bishop Creighton House Community Centre in Lillie Road delivers meeting space for around 5,000 individuals in a normal year.

Activities include:

  • IT Classes
  • Carers Network support sessions
  • Literacy & numeracy classes
  • Tai Chi Classes
  • Healthy eating/Weight Watchers sessions
  • Supplementary school classes
  • Volunteers (older people)
  • Volunteers (young people)
  • Support groups, e.g. AA
  • People using the centre for education, leisure, cultural activities

Funded until

31 March 2021

Annual funding level


In the past year

The Community centre had to close during lockdown, and many services moved online.

Had the centre remained open, six - eight volunteers would have offered about 800 hours in the year.

Number of residents supported

About 5000 footfall p/a if operating hours are normal.

Use of volunteers

The service’s six volunteers delivered 182 hours of work, the equivalent to £1,975, if the London Living Wage is applied to the volunteering hours.

This covers only Jan – March 2020, due to lockdown/closure of centre from mid-March.

Outcome being achieved

Each year, 70% of carers report that they feel supported and less isolated.

30% of users report that they have accessed other services and/or activities.

Following IT classes, 90% of individuals report greater confidence using the internet

100% report they feel healthier and that eating on a budget advice is useful ·

500+ hours of volunteering are provided in a normal year.

90% of volunteers complete annual volunteers’ survey, which includes information on the benefits of volunteering for the individual.

Occupancy of the centre is high (although not during lockdown).

In 2020, the service was:

  • Moving services online wherever possible
  • Providing literacy & numeracy classes: a minimum of two classes per week over 48 weeks (remotely during lockdown).

Schools participated in intergenerational activities

Funding raised

The total funding raised by BCH for the Community Centre in the past year is approximately £10,000. Normally, including room hire fees, it would be about £65,000.

Future plans

To provide and improve services for H&F residents, along similar lines to those currently available

From May 2020, to undertake redevelopment work to transform the basement into workshop and studio space and create a vibrant café on the ground floor (BCH have received £250K from a charitable foundation and hope to attract more carry out this work).

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