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Service description

Bishop Creighton House run a community centre in Lillie Road, funded by H&F Council, offering space to local groups to provide education, arts & crafts, health and well-being, and social and recreational activities.

Funded until

31 March 2021

Annual funding level


In the past year:

  • A total of 580 residents have been supported by four volunteers at Bishop Creighton House, together with 29 different organisations. As well as council funding, Bishop Creighton has raised £4,740 via fundraising and donations, and £47,183 from rental income and room hire.

Outcome for residents:

  • The centre allows people of all ages to come together for educational, cultural and social purposes by letting space to charitable and private organisations including: Banooda Aid, Bangla Academy, Community Education, Sudanese Association (supplementary school), Carers Network (carers’ support), EWTAW, Weight Watchers, Herbal Life, Forward for Families, Bind Aid (healthy eating), Jusoor, NCT (parenting), Family First Mediation, Family Group Conference (family support), People Arise Now, Top Energy, Alina Zumba (exercise), AA, H&F Mind, React First (first aid training), Bridge Group (card playing), Sahaja Yoga, Yoga Life, Red Circle Karate Association, Women’s Group (social), Busy Bees (knitting), Card Group (card-making).
  • 87 supplementary school classes were held, with 870 attending
  • 51 IT classes were held with 236 attendees
  • 48 English classes were held, with 447 attending
  • 21 volunteering opportunities for older people
  • 840 attended the popular Tai Chi class
  • 140 attended the weekly sessions on healthy eating 

Future plans:

BCH plans to expand youth club activities, so if you work with young people and need space, visit the website. Centre users reported good levels of satisfaction, within the constraints of an old building that needs major updating. Trustees and management have been exploring refurbishment options to provide a centre with more modern amenities, fully accessible for people with disabilities. 

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