Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer's Society

Service name: Dementia Support Service

Service description

The H&F Council-funded service provides support and information to residents about issues facing individuals and carers affected by dementia, including a fortnightly peer support group for people living with dementia in the community and a Saturday dementia café.

Funded until 

31 March 2021     

Annual Funding level


In the past year

The service supported 139 residents with the help of five volunteers, with users accessing the peer support group, dementia café and one-to-one support.

Outcomes being achieved

  • Carers’ support is specific to carers of people with dementia to enable them to better cope with caring responsibilities.
  • A support group for people in the early stages of dementia where they have been provided with dementia-specific information and given the opportunity to socialise with others in a similar situation.   
  • An increase in the knowledge of carers and people with dementia about their support entitlement. 

Case Study – Peer Support Group 

When Client M was referred to peer support she was distressed and in a complex dispute with her sister. Their father, diagnosed with dementia, lived alone in Cornwall. The sister lived nearby, but did not help support the father or his needs. She, too, has mental health issues. Client M thought it best to move the father to London, to ensure he had support and care. As a result, the relationship between sisters broke down and Client M was taken to court to dispute the Lasting Power of Attorney paperwork.  

When client M opened up about her distress, peers included Client O, who had a similar situation with her brother. She shared her experience. Client M asked for coping strategies, and how to manage the breakdown, and stated she felt comfort in knowing she was not alone and that there was light at the end of the tunnel. She attends peer support fortnightly, benefiting from meetings which ‘keep her grounded and connected’.  

Future plans

The dementia café’s focus on information and advice has proven successful, with carers able to share experiences. Entertainment is still offered at the end of sessions and the dementia support worker answers questions. The support worker has met staff at H&F leisure centres, and dementia friends support sessions have been scheduled. 

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