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Service description

Action on Disability’s welfare benefits service for adults provides benefit advice and support to ill and disabled clients and carers who live or work in the borough. It receives grant support from H&F Council. The services include full casework up to, and including, tribunals, telephone advice, seminars and talks on different aspects of welfare benefits to organisations in Hammersmith & Fulham, and help completing PIP, ESA, DLA and other benefit forms.

Funded until

31 March 2018

Annual funding level


In the past year, this service has...

  • Supported 78 individual residents and three organisations with the help of six volunteers giving 468 hours of their time. The value of the volunteers’ contribution amounts to £4,563. The service itself has raised more than £33,000 in funding.

Outcome for residents

  • The service undertook 281 casework inquiries, securing a weekly increase of more than £300,000 for clients, plus more than £87,000 in backdated lump sums. In all, 137 people used the telephone advice service, with nearly all users saying that they could not have navigated the benefit system without the help and support of Action on Disability.
  • The welfare benefits service reports continued high demand for help with form-filling, especially DLA, PIP and ESA50 forms, and routinely helps clients complete those forms. However, it does not have a stand-alone form-filling project, and the need remains for such a service in the borough.

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