H&F Book of Remembrance - terms and conditions of use

We ask that you take the time to read the terms and conditions for using the service which are set out below and are designed to be easy to understand, fair and reasonable. We would appreciate your understanding that because of the nature of the content we are publishing on the remembrance page we must have clear conditions regarding authority, content and privacy for both administrators and contributors.

Summary statement of intended use

The H&F Book of Remembrance is intended for use by anyone who wants to leave a dedication or message of remembrance for a loved one, friend or acquaintance, or an uplifting message of hope, or thanks to a person or organisation who has helped them in some way during the coronavirus crisis.

Persons described in these terms and conditions

  • The administrators - H&F Council communications and web team
  • The contributors – the person who submits the content

H&F Book of Remembrance administrators

The content submitted for publication is processed by officers in the H&F Communications and web team. The administrators reserve the right to refuse to publish any content that they deem inappropriate or offensive and will contact the contributor by email to let them know of their decision or discuss any problems with the content if they need to.

The administrators reserve the right to remove any personal details other than the name of the person that the dedication is to.

The administrators are also responsible for the appearance and availability of the page.

All administrators are bound by the terms and conditions for use including the privacy policy.

H&F Book of Remembrance contributors

Anyone who wishes to contribute to this page by uploading messages, stories, pictures, must provide their name and a contact email address and this will be shared with the administrators so that they can review their contribution and thank or contact them about it. Please do not include any personal details other than the persons name.


If you are under the age of 18 you must have the consent of a parent or guardian in order to submit a message.

For contributors, if you are not the next of kin would you, as a courtesy, please ensure that you have the authority of the next of kin if appropriate to submit your message and any images you want to include.


We may move the content published on this page to a new website at some point in the future but the purpose and context in which the content is published will not change.

We will ask you for consent if we decide to use the content for any other purpose other than an online Book of Remembrance. For example a printed book of remembrance.

If you submit an image for publication please confirm that you have the right to use this image and that it is royalty free and not subject to copyright.

Any re-publication of the content in this Book of Remembrance is not allowed except by the contributor who owns and submitted the content.

Ongoing hosting of H&F Book of Remembrance

The content on the website is subject to the same hosting arrangements and agreements as the rest of the H&F Council website which has an average up time of 99.9%. We do not guarantee that the Book of Remembrance will be moved to any future iteration of the H&F Council website.


You warrant that you own all intellectual property rights of content you upload and agree that H&F Council is not responsible in any way for uploaded content, notwithstanding its authority to remove any inappropriate content at its own discretion, and you also agree to indemnify H&F Council for any direct or indirect damages claims now or in the future.

Complaints procedure

We really hope that you do not have any cause for complaint, however if there is something we are not getting it right please do let us know.

In the first instance please feel free to speak to the relevant member of our web team and often we will be able to give you a response straight away. If you feel this is inappropriate or when the matter is more complicated please see our complaints page for guidance on making a complaint

Privacy and data

We are committed to protecting your personal information and respect your privacy. We collect personal information in order to contact you about your message if necessary
We will store your contact details for as long as the page exists to allow us to contact you if necessary. This will not exceed the normal data retention schedule of 6 years and your information is subject to the normal data security levels provided by the council.

The data controller responsible in respect of information collected is H&F Council. Please let us know at any time if your personal information needs to be updated or corrected. 

If you want your message and information removed at anytime, please email webmaster@lbhf.gov.uk 

If you have any questions about how your personal information is treated please contact us dpo@lbhf.gov.uk

The privacy policy is available here.

Updates to terms and conditions

H&F Council reserve the right to update these terms and conditions and all users will remain bound by the amended terms which are governed by UK laws. Your use of the service indicates acceptance of these terms and you can request the message and your contact details can be removed at any time by emailing webmaster@lbhf.gov.uk

We will update this policy from time to time by posting a new version on our website. You can refer to this page at anytime. If you have any queries whatsoever, please contact us at webmaster@lbhf.gov.uk

The current version is dated 23 April 2020 v1