Summer in the City – Parks and places to go

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There’s always something to do in H&F – you can visit our parks and open spaces.

Challenge: Can you visit them all this summer?

Interesting mobile apps

Here are some mobile apps you might enjoy while visiting our parks and open spaces.

Identify UK birds by song

Enjoy identifying plants

Meditation and sleep stories


Parks and open spaces on the map are:

  • Bayonne Park, W6 8ET – Play area
  • Bishops Park, SW6 6EA – Recreation, sports, waterplay
  • Brook Green, W6 7BL – Play area, sports (Tennis)
  • Cathnor Park, W12 9HY – Play area
  • Eel Brook Common, SW6 4PT – Play area, sports
  • Frank Banfield Park, W6 9US – Play area, seating
  • Furnivall Gardens, W6 9DG
  • Hammersmith Park, W12 7FW – Play area, gardens, sports
  • Hurlingham Park, SW6 3DP – Play area, sports
  • Imperial Park, SW6 2PT – Play area
  • Lillie Road Recreation Ground, SW6 7PD – Play area, sports (Basketball)
  • Normand Park, W14 9PB – Play area, sports
  • Parsons Green, SW6 4UL
  • Ravenscourt Park, W6 OUA – Play area, waterplay, cafe, sports
  • Shepherd’s Bush Green, W12 8QZ – Play area
  • South Park, SW6 3EB – Play area, sports
  • Wendell Park, W12 9BY – Play area
  • William Parnell Park (Pineapple Park), SW6 2LN – Play area
  • Wormholt Park, W12 0LQ – Play area, sports
  • Wormwood Scrubs, W12 0DF