School staff zone promotions

10% discount for teachers at Morrisons

From Monday 2 November, all teachers and school staff will be able to claim a 10% discount on their shopping in Morrisons stores nationwide, as a special thank you from us for looking after the nation's children throughout the pandemic. 

To claim the discount, simply show your nursery, school or college photo ID card at the till. Read the terms and conditions.

Bletchley Park’s award-winning learning offer is available FREE for eligible schools

Onsite, offsite and now online.

During World War 2 Bletchley Park’s codebreakers faced adverse conditions and battled against the clock to get results. Sound familiar?

In the current challenging circumstances, Bletchley Park are proud to be able to offer opportunities for students to continue learning about Bletchley Park’s inspiring story.


School and other learning group visits are available during term time, providing opportunities for students to engage with Bletchley Park’s story, its wider relevance to contemporary history and our own lives today. During a visit students will experience a guided tour around the outside of the buildings, providing opportunity for students to delve deeper into the story of Bletchley Park; an interactive workshop; and some self-guided time to explore the park whilst following the social distancing measures.


They can bring a little part of Bletchley Park to you as part of their outreach program. Students will have the opportunity to take part in interactive workshops, many of which include a demonstration of a real, working Enigma machine.


Students can now access the learning offer through a Virtual Learning Session streamed directly to their classroom or personal device. The new online codes and ciphers learning experience includes a digital tour of the Park, an Enigma demonstration and workshop session.

Ultra bursary funding

Their bursary scheme, funded by kind donations from external organisations, charities and individuals, allows eligible schools to experience Bletchley Park’s Learning programme for free.

Visit Bletchley Park’s website to find out more information about their offer and the Ultra bursary program or email

Confident parent, happy child

Parenting can be difficult at times as well as rewarding, and while none of us have all the answers, ''Confident Parent Happy Child" is here to help. Confident Parent Happy Child is a free service for parents and carers living in Hammersmith and Fulham with a baby, child or teenager up to the age 18 years.

Please visit Masbro Centre website for more information

Facing Feelings Playful Resource

Facing Feelings
Emotional development is key to social wellbeing and academic success. Facing Feelings encourages participants to explore their emotions, in a fun and creative way, as they grow and develop. Parents, teachers, therapists and many more, can support this through the child-led activities within Facing Feelings.     

For Heads, SENCOs, Teachers, Pastoral Care      

2-3 Degrees - Personal development for your students

2-3 Degrees provides specialised personal development talks and workshops for schools. They provide students with essential character building skills through our confidence building, positive mindset and resilience training. “Character building is important to building long term success.”

2-3 Degrees supplement the great work of schools and teachers to help give young people the essential life skills they need to make positive decisions and achieve their goals.

You can find the services brochure about the range of workshops on offer and booking form on their website 

Flexible learning for school staff with the Adult Learning Service

The Adult Learning & Skills service is offering a range of courses you can take in a flexible way to develop your skills. Courses include English, maths, computing and a selection of qualifications aimed at carers of adults and children. These will be delivered in a mix of face to face and online learning.

For more information about the courses, contact Mary-Jane Calderon on 020 8753 2970 or email

Big Classroom

Helping schools to fulfil Ofsted's requirements to celebrate life in modern Britain and promote British values and to implement the Prevent strategy.

Big Classroom is a social network solely for schools so it is completely safe and secure. Each school has its own account to which it can upload pictures, videos and blogs about the exciting and interesting projects they undertake. Big Classroom will then regularly link them with "friend schools" which have been chosen strategically to be contrasting in terms of culture, faith, ethnicity or location.

Classes can look at their breaking news (these are updates from their friend schools) to see what is happening in schools around the UK and discuss what they see, responding and questioning the things that interest them and take part in joint projects together. Over time they'll get to know the other pupils and have a much greater understanding of other cultures and communities.

Visit the Big Classroom website.

Special offer: Use the promotional code 2MHFO for a FREE 2 month trial when you sign up.

For more information about Big Classroom call 01772 286 598 or email

Brake - the road safety charity

Road safety is a great subject in which to engage children and young people. It's a subject even the youngest children know something about because everyone uses roads, and road danger impacts on everyone. It’s also a vitally important subject.

Free online resources for schools for road safety include:

For more information speak to the Brake Community Engagement Team -

Facilities for hire at Phoenix Academy

School Lettings Solutions help Phoenix Academy to make the most of their facilities and provide the local community with access to facilities for both education and leisure on the school site.

For information about facilities for hire at Phoenix Academy contact Joe Robinson on 020 8454 7858 or email


Active and engaging mathematics programme for all ages and abilities.

Numberfit is a physically active and engaging maths programme for children of all ages and abilities. It covers core topics from the national curriculum in an innovative, competitive and games based manner.

Visit the Numberfit website

For more information call 020 8123 3996 or email

Oxbridge Applications Access Scheme

Oxbridge Applications support 120 students each year through their Access Scheme, open to all students who attend a state school.

The Access Scheme is designed to help students who may not otherwise be supported in their Oxbridge applications, to ensure these students have access to the opportunities and knowledge that will allow them to demonstrate their true potential to Oxbridge admissions tutors. 

Through the Access Scheme, students receive direct contact with Oxbridge graduates, supporting them in every element of the application. 

Access events

Oxbridge Applications hold an Access Event at the beginning of September, which is a chance for students to come to London and meet us. They can ask any questions about the programme and have a one-to-one consultation with a member of staff regarding their application. For students based outside London, we will consider providing travel grants on a case-by-case basis or endeavour to find them an alternative event to attend. 

Access schools

Oxbridge Applications also provides assistance to state schools, most significantly with our Access School, Cambridge Heath. As part of our support to this consortium, we provide an 'Aspiring to Oxbridge' talk and various workshops on interview preparation and admissions tests. This year, we will also be providing similar talks and workshops, led by Afua Kudom, our Head of Schools, to state schools around the country.

Our dedicated Access Panel, composed of members of staff and mentors, all of them Oxbridge graduates, meet twice a week to develop new strategies and new means of outreach and engagement. We are also working with partners, such as Teach First, to expand our Access Scheme; for example, we are participating in the Teach First Summer Placements programme this year. 

To find out how Oxbridge Applications can help your students, call them on 020 7499 2394 or email

Inspire the next generation with RSPCA’s Compassionate Class

Schools are being asked to stand up for animals

Primary schools across England and Wales are invited to sign up to a new education scheme which will help teach KS2 children compassion and empathy through learning about animal welfare.

Compassionate Class offers schools the chance to inspire the next generation to become compassionate citizens of the future. It also acts as a compelling and interesting way to cover areas of the curriculum whilst learning about what makes animals happy and healthy.

The aim is to prevent animal cruelty in the future and help create a kinder society. 

Watch this short video to see how St Alphonsus RC primary school in Manchester got on with the challenge.

Schools who sign up to the scheme will be able to cover the PSHE curriculum plus support Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education (SMSC) and other core subjects through engaging activities and resources provided by the RSPCA.

Register for Compassionate Class today

Signs4Life deaf awareness and sign language workshops

Signs4Life is leading efforts towards a society in which deaf and disabled people have full access and are working to raise the public and political awareness of disability provision.

Their workshops are interactive and designed specifically so that participants can learn themes and ideas quickly and memorably. Courses are tailored for both staff and volunteers.

Some of the organisations they have helped train include hospitals, schools, councils and housing associations around the UK. Read testimonials from people who have attended their courses.

The learning outcomes are to:

  • identify the barriers that deaf and hard of hearing people face
  • list the ways in which deaf and hard of hearing people communicate
  • understand and demonstrate how to implement positive methods of communication, and offer an equal service to deaf and hard of hearing people
  • recognise basic everyday signs - good morning or afternoon, do you need any help? what is your name? please, thank you, let me help you
  • apply the finger-spelling alphabet
  • explore the deaf community and culture.

For more information or to book a workshop, contact Sara Phillips on 07964 019 764 or email 

Veema Education

Veema Education helps schools to achieve their goals by delivering inspirational in-school training to staff and students. This includes teacher CPD programmes, student assemblies and student masterclasses.

To find out more about how Veema can help you support success, call 020 3637 4232 or email

White City Youth Theatre

White City Youth Theatre run free weekly drama workshops for enthusiastic and committed young people.

For more information visit the White City Youth Theatre or email