Determined admissions arrangements 2020-21

Every school is required by the School Admission Code 2014 to have arrangements that govern its admissions.

These arrangements set out how applicants will be considered for a school place and determine the order of priority to be used if there are more applications than places available. 

If a school decides it wants to change how places are offered, they must carry out a consultation a year before the changes are due. This is so that anyone with an interest, such as parents and other schools in the area, can raise concerns.

If there are no changes to the arrangements, schools must still publish their arrangements annually and will need to consult every seven years whether or not there are changes to their admission policy. Arrangements must be determined by 28 February and published for public viewing by 15 March.

Arrangements for schools following a period of consultation

All Saints Church of England Primary School (pdf)

Fulham Bilingual (pdf)

John Betts Primary School (pdf)

Lamenier & Sacred Heart RC School (pdf)

St John's Walham Green CoE Primary School (pdf)

St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School (pdf)

Sacred Heart High School (pdf)

Arrangements for school and academies that did not propose changes, or were not required to consult



The determined council schemes for the coordination of primary reception, primary to secondary transfer and in-year admissions

If you believe that a school or academy's admission arrangements are unlawful, you can make an objection to the School Adjudicator.

If you have any queries, please contact the Admissions Team on 020 8753 1085 or email