Climate change - what we're doing


Hammersmith & Fulham has declared a climate emergency in July 2019 

Key messages are: “Hammersmith & Fulham has already made huge strides towards becoming the greenest borough in Britain including a whole range of policies which:

  • improve air quality
  • promote biodiversity
  • reduce traffic congestion and pollution
  • make our streets cleaner and greener
  • work with our community to put environmental concerns at the heart of all we do.”

This message was reiterated in October in a call for a resident-led Climate and Ecological Emergency Commission.


In education, aside from the wonderful work that schools are doing independently, H&F Mudlarks kick started in January 2019.

In partnership with Urbanwise.London and 5 H&F primary schools – read more about this on the project blog.
H&F Mudlarks is a Primary Project for children aged 8 to 10 with an overall waterside theme and a focus on:

  • Plastic and waste in Hammersmith & Fulham.
  • Raising awareness about water pollution.
  • Cleaning up waterways.

HFMudlarks project show-reel 

HF Mudlarks project summer conference 2019

The 5 primary schools that participated in this project were: Brackenbury Primary School; John Betts Primary School; Miles Coverdale Primary School; Avonmore Primary School; Sir John Walham Green Primary School.

H&f Mudlarks also engaged with local businesses and partners and gave the opportunity for children to participate in outdoor visits to the River Thames at Hammersmith or Fulham, The Grand Union Canal, Western Riverside Recycling Centre, local town centres, BBC and other businesses, plogs in local parks and so on. The first year of the project ended with a Primary school’s conference on the 3rd July at the Lyric Theatre.

Children gave short presentations about their project work, all participants had a chance to learn more about each other’s projects before finishing with some encouraging words from Councillor Larry Culhane, Cabinet Member for Children & Education, who invited the children to be special advisors and take part in the Council’s mission to tackle Climate Change.

As a result, in the summer the Education Team connected with eduCCate Global and Harwood Education to discuss partnership working and seek accreditation for teachers, children and young people in order to further develop the project and the council’s commitment.

An opportunity was presented for H&F education and schools (Miles Coverdale Primary and Fulham College Boys) to go to Dubai and meet Headteacher Asha Alexander’s from GEMS Education and get to know her Template of a Climate Change Teacher in Every Classroom. They were welcomed by teachers, parent governors, as well as the children, to find out more about the delivery of a cross-curricular climate curriculum to all children – you can find out more about this in the H&F Dubai blog (pdf) and in this video on the Guardian website - Inside the mission to create an army of Greta Thunbergs

Two further projects/ campaigns emerged from this collaboration:

With a focused communications strategy in mind we hope all our stakeholders follow our objectives and implementation strategy.


Business objectives:

  • Provide children and young people with tools and information to embark on climate change initiatives
  • Include teachers and parents and promote active participation while empowering communities to act on climate change why it could benefit them
  • Create new connections between schools in H&F support network, education and business community

Comms objectives:

  • Raise awareness amongst key audiences about the value of Climate Change Initiatives to help drive the number of attendees across events and local projects 
  • Raise awareness of the additional services that the council offer young people to help inspire more to consider being a part of the community and have a voice in local and global issues
  • Promote cross-partnership working with local charities, schools, businesses, residents and the council

Communications therefore need to:

  • be tailored and targeted to audiences present on these channels: Facebook; Instagram; Twitter and YouTube.
  • fill any gaps in awareness and understanding of what individual campaigns can help achieve

Priority audiences are:

  • Schools / teachers 
  • Youth club leaders
  • Local Businesses
  • Parents and grandparents and family members
  • Young people (aged 16-24)


A framework has been developed to help tell these stories and support the specific needs of distinct campaigns that all are interlinked but clearly have different purposes.

Tactics to support each phase will fall into two main pillars of this framework:

  • Stakeholder engagement: To inform key audiences about the different initiatives and why they should participate
  • Reputation campaign: To create momentum around the different projects and campaigns and widen its reach

Our priority audiences will be targeted with tailored messages, drawn from the overall narrative with the overall call to action theme.



Channel of communications
The Urbanwise.London website site has been assigned as the hub for all content about Mudlarks and will be used as a destination to drive all parties to convert interest in to sign ups.

Examples of posts
The School Staff Zone will lead to a menu of newsletters and will be used to communicate with schools regarding sign-ups, events and opportunities. 

Main Hashtag

Other Hashtags to use or partners to tag on publications
@hfcouncil / #lbhf
@urbanwiselondon / #urbanwiselondon 

Any other school or business partaking in the activity*

PlantALegacy (PAL) 

Channels of communications

Main Hashtag
#PlantALegacy (PAL)

Other Hashtags to use or partners to tag on publications
@hfcouncil / #lbhf

Any other organisation partaking in the activity*


Channels of communications

Main Hashtag

Other Hashtags to use or partners to tag on publications 
@hfcouncil / #lbhf
@urbanwiselondon / #urbanwiselondo

Any other organisation partaking in the activity*

*Same principle would apply if posting content related to COP25 or any other future conferences.

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