Independent visitor scheme

An independent visitor is a befriender, who visits a child or young person generally at least once a month.

The scheme aims to help children and young people who are looked after by Hammersmith & Fulham and have little or no contact with their birth family.

The visitor is someone that the young person hopefully will build a trusting relationship with. A visitor will also make time to visit children and young people and there is also scope to arrange an activity out. The child/young person can also ask his/her visitor to support them at their review meetings if they wish.

If you know a child or young person who would benefit from an independent visitor or if you want to give some time and volunteer yourself please contact at the Independent Visitor Scheme or speak to a social worker.

Independent Visitors Scheme
Children’s Rights Service
22 Exhibition Close
W12 7 EE

We prefer it if you contact us by e-mail:

Otherwise call: 020 8600 3340 or fax: 020 8743 8550