Action for Change resources

Best practice toolkit

The Action for Change project has demonstrated that the interventions within this toolkit can be effective to engage clients who have had, or are at risk of having, their children removed from their care by addressing their needs and creating positive change and stability. This toolkit was produced by transnational partners as part of the EU pilot project. 

Women’s resource booklet

The ‘By Survivors For Survivors’ booklet raises awareness for women of their rights relating to intimate citizenship, the impact of life choices and of the support services available to them locally. The booklet was produced by the UK’s Women’s Shadow Board members and was officially launched at the Action for Change Final Dissemination Conference in 2016 in the UK. 

UK report

An evaluation of the Action for Service was commissioned by the EU between 2015-2016. This included interviews with frontline staff, to find out about experiences of delivering the support, the effectiveness of the approaches and interventions applied: identifying strengths and areas of improvement, issues, and best practice. This also helped analyse the challenges in working with this target group. Qualitative research was undertaken with the birth parents to explore different views of the support received and the impact this had on their personal development throughout the period of the pilot project. 

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