Recent successful prosecutions in H&F

Cheap cigarettes were not so cheap for repeat offender

Cigarettes are not often kept in a vacuum cleaner, but a trained dog sniffed out 213 packs there and elsewhere at Al Salama, 28 North End Road.  None carried the required health warnings, and fines and costs landed the company and its officers with a combined bill for £3,365 after Trading Standards prosecuted.

Having already accepted a caution for the same offence in December 2017 the owner: Al Wissal Ltd was fined £1,250 with costs and surcharge of £1,125.  The sole director: Khaled El-Ali of Chichester Road, W2, was fined £75 with a £30 surcharge.

Additionally, company secretary: Salaheddin El-Ali of Galton Road, W10 was fined £350 with £535 costs and surcharge, though he had not been cautioned before.

The cigarettes were also not in plain packaging as required, but separate fines were not made for those offences.

Thanks to HMRC for providing and handling the trained dogs to help us protect consumers and honest traders.

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