Licensing policy consultation

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We want to make Hammersmith & Fulham the best place to live, work and socialise in London, with a safe night-time economy and well-run licensed businesses. Have your say and please help us achieve these goals.


The council’s current licensing policy expires in July 2022. Any new licensing policy will last for five years so it’s especially important that you let us know your views before the 24 June 2022 when this consultation ends.

What’s changed?

The new policy will also have more guidance to protect women and girls, for example, using any venues later in the evening. This includes extra information on drink spiking and a requirement that venues take part in vulnerability training to make sure that staff know how to spot when someone needs help – this might include a lone female who has had too much to drink and has lost her friends. We want to make sure that our licensed premises are looking after these people.

To try and make our new alcohol policy easier to read, we have moved much of the technical information to the back of the policy.

What’s stayed the same?

The policy does keep two special policy areas (known as cumulative impact areas) in Shepherds Bush and Fulham from our previous policy. These areas have been found to suffer from antisocial behaviour caused by licensed premises operating in the area. The policies mean that anyone in these areas who applies for a new, or later licence, would have to prove that they would not add to the current problems before a licence is granted.

What is a licensing policy?

The licensing policy is a really important document for the council as it helps set the boundaries for licensed premises (pubs, bars and restaurants which sell alcohol or allow entertainment) by telling them how we would like them to operate, and what we expect of them.

It also acts as a helpful guide to businesses if they are already operating here, or if they are thinking of opening a new businesses in Hammersmith & Fulham by walking them through the licensing process.

The policy also lets businesses know what action the council might take if things go wrong. For example, at the moment it says that underage sales will be treated very seriously and that a business could expect to have its licence taken away if there is evidence of this happening.

We obviously want to keep this current approach in our new policy, but maybe there are other issues which take place in licensed premises which you think we should also consider? As there are nearly 1,000 licensed premises in H&F it’s important that everyone has their say as these businesses can affect the everyday lives of most residents.

We need your help

We appreciate there is lots to consider, so we have designed an online survey which will walk you through the main changes.

We would encourage you to take part in this survey so we can be sure our new policy takes all views into account. If you have any questions about this consultation, please contact the licensing team on:

Consultation closes 24 June 2022

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