Filming safely in H&F during Covid-19

The UK government has now indicated that the Film and TV industry can now return to work. The British Film Commission has recently published guidelines on how to film safely during Covid-19. The Guidance has been prepared in consultation with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport with input from crew and crew representatives, industry bodies, unions and the devolved administrations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and in consultation with Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive.

We are now accepting applications from small crews – up to 10 people in parks/open spaces and on the highways.

To ensure that we can give you the best possible advice regarding your shoot and to seek approval from relevant council departments, we would advise you to call or email us before submitting your application.

Please note that parking suspensions are still restricted. Please check our website for further information on the current restrictions 

We have also drawn up our own guidelines for filming safely around Hammersmith & Fulham.

These guidelines need to be signed and uploaded to your completed application along with all other necessary documents.