Reopening for business during COVID-19

We want to help local businesses to reopen safely as part of our new Shop Local Shop Safe campaign.

This page includes the latest support and advice for when and how businesses can reopen safely to protect both their employees and customers as the lockdown is eased.

How to work safely during COVID-19

As businesses begin to reopen and people return to their workplace, the Government has provided specific guidelines to working safely during the COVID-19 crisis for different sectors of the economy.

The COVID-19 Secure guidelines includes advice and information for businesses on social distancing, carrying out risk assessments in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive, PPE, customer safety, employee safety, and more.

Here are the latest GOV.UK guidelines for safely reopening your business:

The council is working on improvements to support businesses reopening during the COVID-19 crisis by transforming the public realm and allocating more road space for people and businesses to use.

We have also provided a COVID-19 safety poster for local businesses to display in their premises to help ensure the safety of their employees and customers along with the Government’s Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020 poster.

Worried about returning to work?

The H&F Law Centre runs an employment advice clinic every Friday from 2pm to 5pm.

Contact the H&F Law Centre team on 020 8148 5274 for more details.