How to win contracts

Bidding for council contracts

We spend around £250 million each year on goods, works and services. We are committed to making it easier for local small firms to bid for council contracts.

If you have any experience of bidding for H&F Council contracts, please let us know how we could make it easier by emailing:

All public sector contracts are advertised. You just have to know where to look. Here are the best places:

Top tips for winning contracts

Check the contract award notices on the websites above. Write to the contract winners and offer your services as a sub-contractor for any work in your area.

Get hold of the bid documents and then save time and money by asking yourself these questions:

  • what they are really asking for - are you sure you meet all the requirements?
  • how much would it cost you to prepare a bid?
  • would the work really fit in with your strategy and positioning of your business?
  • how would winning the contract affect your other work, staffing and ability to take on other new business?

If you'd like to attend meet-the-buyer events or if you have any questions, including about specific tenders, please contact our Business Desk at: