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The Hammersmith & Fulham Business Directory 2016 - a guide to over 3,000 local businesses - is available both online and as a Business Finder desktop version.

We publish the directory in partnership with Burrows Communications. It lists 3,000 local businesses and provides useful information on the local area and on business support in Hammersmith & Fulham.

The online version enables you to search for business by name, type of business and location. Simply type what you are looking for and decide how you want to sort the results. The database is FREE to join for all local businesses, so why not register today.

Visit the online business directory

The directory is also provided as a Business Finder desktop version. The Business Finder has powerful search features, allowing multiple fields of the database to be selected and integrated. The additional bookmark feature allows you to save the search results and refer back to them at any time - an invaluable marketing tool.

These results can be further manipulated with the customisation of fields and the sorting of data. Upgrading: Once you have installed your Business Finder, additional features can be upgraded for a one-off charge from £150 to £400 + VAT, dependent on the level of service you require.

Upgraded versions print address labels, compile and print reports, perform mail shots and export data.

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