Completion certificate enquiries

Where the work has been completed and a completion certificate/letter has already been issued, there is a charge of £100 for up to three completion letters on the same property. We charge £200 for each application which requires a site inspection in order to issue the completion letter and more than one inspection will incur a cost of £300 per application.

If you are enquiring about a certificate/letter for an application submitted to the District Surveyor's office before 1996, we may be able to confirm that the works appear to have been satisfactorily carried out in accordance with the regulations applicable at that time. As the works are over 20 years old, we cannot issue a completion certificate/letter. You may wish to engage a Chartered Surveyor to undertake a survey of the property to ensure that you (or your clients) interests are fully safeguarded.

We can only issue the letters when the fee is paid in full, either by cheque or card. We aim to process your request within three working days from receipt of payment.

Please email your request to or post it to:

Building Control Service
5th Floor
Town Hall Extension
King Street
W6 9JU

Requests to view files

We are only obliged to keep building control files for 15 years, so any files before 2000 have been destroyed and are no longer available to view.

Others who can issue completion certificates

The following Competent Person Scheme operators are approved by the government to self-certify their work for building regulations compliance purposes. This allows contractors to carry out their work without having to go through the local authority building control process.

On such works we have no involvement, except to receive electronic notification from the operators that one of their registered contractors is carrying out works to a property within the borough. Unfortunately, we do not receive the actual certificates, so please contact the scheme operators below for more details:

0333 321 8220

020 7645 3700

0800 408 5500

0845 543 0330

0870 013 0382