My Account FAQs

I've linked my council tax account (or rent or benefits) in My Account but how do I access it now? 

After linking a service, log in to My Account and go to My accounts. You will see a tick against the service you have linked.

Can I add another council tax account?

Yes, you can add another council tax account by using the ‘Account Signup’ form on the My accounts page.

Our council tax account is in more than one name, can more than one person link the same council tax account? 

Each person wishing to access their council tax account will need to register for a My Account independently.

When linking the council tax account you need to use the first name that appears on your council tax bill. You don't need to include the middle name of that person even if it is shown on the bill. So for example if your bill is addressed to Mr John Ben Smith and Mrs Jane Smith, the name you need to enter when completing the account sign up form would be John Smith.

I am new to the borough, can I view my council tax account? 

Before you can view your council tax records you will need to have received a council tax bill from us. If you haven't told us you are a new resident liable for council tax you can do this online and we will update our records and send you a bill. Please use the moving in moving out form, you will need to register with My Account to use this form.

How do I get licensing and planning email alerts?

Find out about setting up planning and licensing notifications.

I want to renew my resident's parking permit

Please go to residents’ parking permits for more information.

Where can I manage my visitor parking permit account?

Please visit visitor permits for more information

My library account

To log in to your library account please go to My library account

How do I contact My Account support?

Contact My Account support