Help with viewing your council tax online

Are you registered for council tax in H&F?

You need to have registered for council tax in the borough and received a bill from us in order to link your council tax account in My Account.

If you have not registered for council tax yet please use the Moving in form to tell us you have moved into or within the borough and are liable for council tax. Or contact us at

Have you registered for a My Account?

If you are registered for council tax and want to view your account online you will need to link your council tax account to your My Account. You will only need to do this once.

If you are not registered for My Account, you will need to create a My Account

How to link your accounts once you have created a My Account

1. Sign in to My Account

2, Click on Manage my accounts button (or My accounts in the horizontal navigation)

3, Click on Account Signup button and follow the on-screen instructions to link your accounts.

If you are having problems linking your council tax record to your My Account please check the following:

  • That you have used the first name that appears on the council tax bill received from the council tax department and have typed it into the name fields exactly as it is shown on the bill.
  • That the postcode recorded on your council tax correspondence is correct. Please include the space in the postcode.
  • The security question asks for your last method of payment, not your preferred method of payment. If you havn't previously made any payments, please contact us.

Viewing your council tax information

Once you have linked your council tax account in My Account, a tick will appear against council tax on the My accounts screen. You need to be logged in to see this screen.

Click on the council tax heading and again on the ‘Full council tax details’ button and you will be taken to your account summary page.

Once here you can check your council tax account details.

If I register for council tax online will I still receive my paper bill?

Yes you will still receive all your bills through the post. Online council tax provides you with up to date information on your council tax account together with the ability to set up a direct debit and apply for / view details of  discount/exemption.

Council tax bills

It is possible to look up the details of your council tax account including your current balance and instalments but it is not possible to download your council tax bills.

New to the borough?  

Before you can view your council tax records you will need to have received a council tax bill from us. See moving in moving out.

Our council tax account is in more than one name, how can I register?

Each person wishing to access their council tax account will need to register independently to gain access to view their information. When linking the council tax account to the My Account, please only enter the first name that appears on the council tax account and not any one else's.

Current billing period

Current billing period refers only to the council tax you owe for this year ie for the council tax year 01/04/2016-31/03/2017 or part thereof (if you moved in after 01/04/2016 or moved out before 31/03/2016). Anything you may owe for an earlier period will not be included in the 'amount remaining to pay' as this only shows your instalments for the current year. If you do owe arrears these will be included in the 'balance outstanding' figure. Your first two instalments are shown in the current billing period section but if you click 'expand;' you will see the rest.

Account summary 

  • total balance outstanding - this figure shows the total council tax you owe for the current year as well as any arrears outstanding.
  • details  of billing period - clicking on details of billing periods throws up the current and last period. If you click expand any earlier periods are shown. The year 01/04/2016 means the period 01/04/2015 to 31/03/2017.  The year 01/04/2015 means the year 01/04/2015 to 31/03/2016 etc.
  • details of you discounts or exemptions - if a discount or exemption has been applied to your council tax account clicking on this link will give the period for each and a description for the discount or exemption.
  • details of property - details of property shows the current band attached to your property by the valuation office agency, the date we started charging you from and it links to our web page showing council tax levels for each band.

View or update payment method

View or update payment method gives you details of your current payment method and the ability to set up a direct debit or change the sort code and bank account. When setting up a direct debit to pay your council tax please ensure when asked to provide an 'account name' that you input the name on the bank account that you wish to use for paying your council tax eg Miss A Smith, not the type of bank account it is.

Set up or change your direct debit online

To cancel a direct debit and change to a different payment method you will need to contact council tax.

Sole occupier discount

Sole occupier discount, if you live on your own then you are entitled to a 25% discount off your council tax. Once this is applied you will be able to check your account summary for your new balance and amended instalments.

Apply for a sole occupier discount online

We will also send you an amended bill in the post. To cancel sole occupier discount you will need to contact council tax.

For general queries about council tax, contact council tax

For technical help with My Account, contact My Account technical support