How to join a Zoom or Microsoft Teams event or meeting

For some BHM events you need to email the organiser to ask for an invite. For these events, email addresses are show along with the event details.

Others require you to register in advance with either Zoom or Teams.

For some events you just need to click on the link supplied when the meeting is about to start.

Here's how to join the online events on the day.

How to join a Zoom meeting

You will need to register in advance for some of the events taking place in Zoom.

To register for an event in advance, click on the 'Register for the Zoom meeting' link below the event listing.

Fill in your details and you will be sent an email with a link to join the meeting on the day.

To join the event on the day, click on the 'Join Zoom meeting' link below the event listing.

Choose 'launch meeting' from instructions that appear in your browser window. If you have the Zoom client installed you will get taken to the meeting. If you don't have the Zoom client installed, clicking 'launch meeting' will open another option for you to 'join from your browser'

Click on 'join from your browser and follow the instructions, you will need the unique meeting ID and password which is given with each Zoom meeting link below.

Further instructions on how to join the Zoom meetings can be found here. Please check you have access on the day, prior to the event starting. 

Launch Zoom Meeting

How to join a Microsoft Teams event or meeting

To join one of the online Team events listed below, click on the 'Join Microsoft Teams Meeting' link below the event listing. A new window will open up in your browser offering you three options:

  • open the Teams app (Teams desktop application if it is installed)
  • join on the web (no download required)
  • download the desktop application.

If you don't have the desktop app installed already or want to install anything just choose 'Join on the web'

When joining the meeting the user can choose if they want to use their microphone and camera:

Join a Teams meeting fig 3

Finally, the external user will need to enter a name, and click Join.

Join a Teams meeting fig 4