More than 4,000 new LED lamps light up H&F streets

Streets in H&F will be brighter than ever – thanks to 4,000 new energy-efficient LED lights.

Residents will not only benefit from the bright white light, but the new bulbs use half the energy making them much better for the environment.

Work replacing the old lights began in February with bulbs on main roads. Now residential streets have been getting the same makeover.

“We want to be the most environmentally positive borough in the country and these new LED lights use half the energy of traditional streetlights,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and Residents’ Services.

“This change will not only reduce the council’s carbon footprint but will also reduce energy and maintenance costs in future as well as improving safety.”

The LED lamps use less energy and produce a brighter, more natural white light than the traditional orange street lamps.

The brighter light from the LEDs gives better CCTV camera footage, providing clearer video images and increasing the chances of successful convictions and deterring would-be criminals.

The savings from reduced maintenance costs mean the council will have more money to put towards other vital services for residents, while continuing to offer the best council tax deal in the country.

The remaining 3,000 lights should be installed by April 2018.

Brighter benefits

The new LED lights are better for H&F as they:

  • Use much less electricity than other lamps or bulbs, reducing energy costs
  • Have extremely long lives compared to traditional lights
  • Produce very little heat
  • Reduces H&F’s carbon emissions, by reduced energy usage
  • Contain no mercury
  • Operate effectively in extremely cold and hot environments
  • Produces a white light for the human eye to see natural colours at night
  • Reduced ‘sky glow’ and glare
  • Instantaneous and function at full output when switched on - no warm-up time.

For more information on LED streetlights, visit our FAQ page.