In the zone: Working to get H&F residents the jobs they want

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Image captionMany thousands of people have found employment thanks to the team at Workzone

We’ve been working hard to help people find jobs and now we’ve got even more in store to help residents take advantage of our support.

Many thousands of people have found employment thanks to the team at Workzone based at Shepherds Bush Library in Wood Lane. It supports people trying to find work and employers find able candidates.

A great example is former jobseeker Walid Tanin who said Workzone staff had helped transform his life. He went from a retail job with limited prospects to managing a team of ten office staff within a little more than three years. 

Recent figures show from January to July the Workzone team have helped residents find more than 810 jobs and 37 apprenticeships, and complete 147 training courses.

“We’re incredibly proud of the opportunities for residents and businesses in Hammersmith & Fulham,” said Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration.

“We’ve got plans for even more, and crucially to ensure the prosperity created is shared by everyone, not just the few.

“The area is changing but we will not let people get left behind, we’re here to work with people and help them tackle what can hold them back.”  

Workzone changes lives, and is just one example of the difference H&F Council makes. 

We’ve put in place or have plans for initiatives to boost business and employment including:

  • A ground-breaking industrial strategy with a partnership with Imperial College London at its heart. 
  • Business rates reductions in key locations and sectors by 2020
  • Supporting investment in new office space; making the most of temporarily vacant or underused land and creating affordable, flexible workspace
  • Boosting science and maths teaching in schools
  • Introducing tailored apprenticeship, employment and training packages for local residents by 2019
  • Creating a venture capital fund for technology and creative industry firms
  • Building new homes independently or in partnership with others which have created more than 100 new jobs 
  • Guiding key developments through the planning process, including phase two of Westfield (which will soon create 8,000 new jobs), new homes, office blocks and retail

You can find out more about Workzone online, by emailing the team at or calling 020 8753 4693 

Read the H&F’s industrial strategy

Ambitious apprentice lands dream job with help of H&F’s Work Zone 

A former shop worker went from dead end job to a career he loves with the help of Hammersmith & Fulham Council.    

Walid Tanin, 25, wasn’t being given the chance for promotion and had decided retail wasn’t for him. He wanted an office job and so came to Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s Work Zone for help.

Workzone, based in Shepherds Bush Library, in Wood Lane, helps jobseekers with their search, gives them advice, and helps them get the skills and qualifications they need.

Image caption: Former shop worker Walid Tanin

“I was introduced to a really helpful person called Ninar,” said Walid.

“She asked me lots of questions about what I was interested in. She found something perfect for me and gave me some interview practice.” 

Ninar helped Walid find an apprenticeship as an estate services administrator supporting the team who look after H&F council homes while gaining vocational qualifications. 

He impressed them and was the obvious choice when a vacancy came up for a housing support officer, looking after council tenants and ensuring homes are in a good condition. 

He moved on to another council to do the same role before stepping up to a management role at another borough, leading a team of ten housing staff.       

Walid has achieved all this in just three and a half years and says it was Ninar’s support which meant his hard work got him to where he wanted to be.

A lot of people don’t get the opportunities they need but Ninar put me on the right track,” he said. 

“She helped me a lot. We need more people like her helping people like me, without them young people might not get the opportunities they need.

“It made me realise that in life the only thing that stops you from getting what you want is self doubt. You have to keep a positive attitude and you’ve always got to be ready for progression. It’s down to you. 

“It’s transformed my life. I’m at a different council now but I want to come back to H&F, I want to pay them back for everything they’ve done.” 

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