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Improving housing for Disabled residents by working with Disabled residents

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Image captionImage 1: Disabled resident Jane Wilmot OBE (pictured), chair of the Disability Forum Planning Group

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has unveiled plans for radical improvements in how it works with Disabled people to provide housing and support.

This commitment is marked with the publication of our first-ever housing strategy created in partnership with local Disabled residents. The strategy is ambitious and designed to meet the aspirations and priorities of Disabled residents across the borough, as we work to do things with, not to, local people.

VIDEO: Strategy introduced by Cllr Lisa Homan (with BSL)

VIDEO: Strategy explained by Glendine Shepherd (with BSL)

Full strategy

Disabled resident, Jane Wilmot OBE, said: “Our aim is to help H&F achieve its ambition to be the most accessible borough in England. Disabled people face barriers when using buildings, housing and open space. It’s time we deliver accessible and inclusive buildings that work for everyone.”

Cllr Lisa Homan, H&F Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “We know that Disabled people know best about what they need from their housing. It was important that we heard from as many Disabled people in our housing network as possible. That’s why we also set up focus groups, to have in-depth discussions about housing issues.

“Those discussions highlighted these key points and we’ll now work with Disabled residents to deliver lasting changes and improvements to the way the council operates.”

Working with Disabled residents

At the heart of the council’s long-term strategy is our desire to work with Disabled residents and local Disabled people’s organisations to agree a “co-production” approach.

“Co-production” is taken to mean an equal and reciprocal relationship between the people who use services and those who design and deliver them.

We’ve made four key commitments in the new strategy:

  • We’ll create a culture of co-production with Disabled residents and work together with those residents to improve their influence in shaping housing service.
  • We’ll improve access to housing information with Disabled residents including housing options and housing services.
  • We’ll also improve the council’s services as a landlord for Disabled residents.
  • Finally, we will identify ways to increase the supply of accessible and affordable housing to meet the needs with Disabled residents.

We are committed to working with disabled residents on issues that affect them. And together we’ll deliver the housing and services Disabled residents want and need. This strategy is also the start of a new way of working better together – towards true co-production.

Want to get involved?

We’ve set up a group of residents to work with us on implementation of the strategy. If you’re interested in joining the group, please email the Resident Involvement Team at or call 020 8753 6652.

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