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First Afghan refugee family arrives in H&F

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Image captionImage 1: Evacuation from Kabul Airport aboard an RAF transport aircraft. PICTURE: GETTY IMAGES

Following the crisis in Afghanistan, H&F immediately stepped in to offer to host refugees under the Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme.

The first Afghan refugee family arrived in the borough on Wednesday (1 September). H&F Council Leader Stephen Cowan said: "H&F offers a warm welcome to the Afghan family that have become the latest members of our wonderful community. We look forward to helping them to rebuild their lives and make our borough their home."

We have identified a total of four suitable private rented properties and can adjust according to household size when we know exactly what accommodation is needed.

We expect the cost for this to be covered by government as the refugees would be housed under the national scheme.

Just as H&F welcomed people fleeing from oppression before, including from Syria, so we now look forward to meeting the Afghan refugees.

We are also looking at the wider health and wellbeing of these individuals and their families, working with a range of health partners. We are preparing to offer physical and mental wellbeing services, including post-traumatic stress support.

Cllr Ben Coleman, H&F Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care, spoke to both ITV London News and BBC London News on Friday 20 August to insist there was a moral duty to support the refugees and that H&F expected the government to make full provision for the accommodation, health, schooling and integration costs of this programme.

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