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H&F pledge to work with residents suffering from anti-social behaviour

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Image captionImage 1: H&F Leader Stephen Cowan is joined by National Victim’s Commissioner Dame Vera Baird, Clare Waxman, Victims’ Commissioner for London and Rebecca Brown, CEO of victim’s charity ASB Help

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is the first in London to be accredited for a new scheme helping victims get relief from anti-social behaviour.

It means that local residents suffering from persistent anti-social behaviour now have the chance to ensure their voices are heard and their cases reviewed.

The new ‘ASB Pledge’ scheme allows victims to officially request a review of their case and examine the actions taken by the council, police and housing associations.

“Residents deserve a voice when they feel their complaints are falling on deaf ears,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, Deputy Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

“This will help put victims front and centre and ensure that both the council and our local partners are truly accountable to residents. We’re determined to ensure that victims get the help they need – rather than have to explain their complaint from scratch to multiple agencies.”

How the community trigger works

Victims can request a review if they have complained to the council, police or a registered housing association about three separate incidents over six months and feel that little or no action has been taken. If a case meets the criteria, it will be reviewed by the council, police and local partners to make recommendations on how the victim can be protected.

Victims are contacted within three working days of a case being received with the offer of immediate support. They are given a timeframe and assigned a contact throughout the process.

Victims are invited to submit an impact statement or attend part of the meeting to ensure their voice is heard. Community Triggers were introduced as part of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act.

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Image caption: Image 2: H&F Leader Stephen Cowan is joined outside the Hammersmith North area housing office by Rebecca Brown, CEO of victim’s charity ASB Help, National Victim’s Commissioner Dame Vera Baird, and Clare Waxman, Victims’ Commissioner for London

Above and beyond

Rebecca Brown, chief executive of victims’ charity ASB Helpvisited H&F to meet with Council Leader Stephen Cowan and find out more about the council’s new approach.

She said: “H&F goes above and beyond their regulatory obligations by proactively identifying cases and problem solving them to actively mitigate against an escalation. We hope that other councils adopt this approach to safeguard their communities.”

She was joined by Claire Waxman, Victims’ Commissioner for London, and Dame Vera Baird QC, Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales.

Claire added: “H&F’s close work with ASB Help has ensured processes for dealing with anti-social behaviour are accessible, well understood, and firmly focused on the needs of victims. I look forward to their efforts being replicated elsewhere across London.”

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