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Honouring George Floyd with free online events

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Image captionImage 1: A mural painted by artist Kenny Altidor depicting George Floyd. PICTURE: GETTY IMAGES

Next week marks the anniversary of George Floyd's murder by a police officer in Minneapolis, USA, which inspired millions of people around the world to express their support for the aims of the Black Lives Matter movement. Following this, at H&F, we pledged our support and reaffirmed our commitment to tackling racial inequality and injustice.

Next week we are holding a series of free online events during the week at which guest speakers will share their thoughts on the impact of George Floyd’s murder. It forms part of an overall programme of activity throughout the year.

For example, we have just completed our consultation with residents on an Equalities Plan which sets out our goals for equality, diversity and inclusion and we have a number of activities and initiatives planned for this year.

We are keen to raise awareness about diversity across H&F, so we are developing plans to establish a black history trail around the borough. It will be supported by an education pack which schools and others can use along the way. Plaques will be located at a number of locations including Mary Seacole Park and Marcus Garvey Park as well as on buildings associated with Marcus Garvey, Mahatma Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo. We already have a black music history trail from Hammersmith Apollo to Uxbridge Road.

H&F’s Deputy Leader Councillor Sue Fennimore said: “The racist murder of George Floyd was a turning point for the United States as well as for criminal justice and law enforcement services globally. So I hope residents will honour his memory and join us at the events next week and continue the drive to eradicate all forms of racism wherever they occur.”