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HS2 to pay for reparations to damage on Wormwood Scrubs

Last week, we acted swiftly to ensure HS2 pays for reparations to the damage caused by its contractor’s vehicles driving off track on the Scrubs.

We have been working urgently on these repairs over the past few days. H&F officers have also been onsite every day to monitor HS2’s works.

We want to ensure that its activity is strictly within the boundaries prescribed by the Government’s HS2 Act and that they limit ecological damage and disruption to residents. Protestors also moved onto HS2’s designated site this week.

HS2 is now managing the response to this. For any queries and complaints, HS2 has a helpline and an information page on its works at Wormwood Scrubs. Please visit the HS2 in Old Oak contact page.

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