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Climate action and lower bills? Join the Big London Energy Switch

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has launched a ‘switch and save’ scheme to help you get a better deal on your energy bills.

The campaign – called the Big London Energy Switch – means you would join other residents to help everyone get a better price on energy. And what’s more, all tariffs are supplied with 100 per cent renewable electricity.

“Changing to a green energy supplier not only saves you money, but it also cuts carbon emissions,” said Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for Environment.

“It's just one of the ways we’re making it easy for our residents to tackle the climate emergency.”

Green energy for less

The Big London Energy Switch makes it easy for everyone to get a better deal on their energy bills.

There’s no need to shop around or compare different energy tariffs to find the best price. By joining together with thousands of other Londoners, you will benefit from collective bargaining power.

This time around, energy suppliers will compete to give you the best price. This means the more people that take part, the better price we can get for everyone.

The Big London Energy Switch will even look after the process of switching for you. All you’ll notice is a lower energy bill.

Taking climate action together

To tackle the climate emergency, we need to stop using fossil fuels.

That’s why all suppliers in the Big London Energy Switch only provide 100 per cent renewable electricity generated from solar, biomass and wind.

Every unit of electricity provided can be traced back to a renewable source, including solar, biomass and wind. 

By taking part, you’ll be taking a practical step to cut your carbon emissions and drive demand for renewable energy.

Get involved

There is no obligation to switch. But if you’d like to learn more, register your interest before 18 May:

Register your interest

Read more to find out what else we’re doing to tackle the climate and ecological emergency in H&F.

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