Apply for £10,000 grant to make your home energy efficient

Do you want to save on your energy bill and ensure that your home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer?

The new ‘Green Homes Grant: Local Authority Delivery’ scheme is here to help.

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has joined forces with six other London councils to carry out smart energy efficiency retrofits on up to 700 homes across the seven participating boroughs.

Those living in the coldest and least efficient properties may be eligible for up to £10,000 of grant funding to cover the installation of efficiency measures, such as low carbon heating systems, insulation, and smart heating controls.

This scheme forms part of the work H&F Council is doing to tackle the climate emergency and help make the borough carbon net-zero by 2030.

Households whose total income is £30,000 or less, including support payments and homes are E, F, and G energy efficiency rated are eligible for the scheme.

Landlords can also apply for the grant on behalf of tenants who meet the eligibility criteria. Please see the FAQs below for more details.

All work will be carried out in accordance with Covid public health guidance.

How can I take part?

  1. Apply online here or call 0800 083 2265 to apply by phone if you don’t have internet access.
  2. You will then receive a screening call from our team to confirm your eligibility by asking you a few questions about your income, benefits status, and household.
  3. A certified retrofit assessor will visit your property to create a whole house energy efficiency plan and personal recommendation to make your home more energy efficient.
  4. You confirm which works are to be carried out and agree to a start date for installation to begin with the scheme manager.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the grant have to be repaid?

No! This is an outright grant paid directly to the installer on your behalf through the scheme.

What measures are included under the scheme?

Any measure which improves the energy rating of the property may be included in your workplan, though we will primarily focus on wall, floor, loft, and roof insulation, low carbon heat systems (such as air source heat pumps), energy efficient doors and windows, heating controls and hot water tank insulation.

Are there measures not included?

Gas boiler repairs and replacement are not part of the scheme, however boiler replacement may be carried out under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) grant program alongside this grant. Existing double-paned windows may not be replaced, however single-paned windows are eligible for replacement with double or triple paned glass or secondary glazing.

What Covid safety measures are being taken?

Safe operating procedures are based on the latest guidance issued by key bodies and various working groups. Only emergency or essential work will take place for customers who are clinically extremely vulnerable or ‘shielding’ and no visit will be made if any resident is symptomatic/tested positive for Covid.

How will quality be guaranteed?

All installers and contractors for the grant scheme are TrustMark and MCS registered. All works are overseen by certified project managers and Retrofit Coordinators.

I am not sure if I meet the income or EPC-rating criteria, can I still apply?

Yes! You can still apply. Applicants will also have the chance to hear about other grants and funding schemes they could be eligible for and offered the opportunity to have a consultation with our Green Doctors to receive free and impartial advice on reducing your energy use and costs.

Can landlords participate?

Yes! Private landlords and housing associations may apply for a grant on behalf of tenants who meet the eligibility criteria. Landlords are eligible for up £5,000 to cover two thirds of energy efficiency work. This means you can get up to £7,500 worth of measures installed for a maximum contribution of £2,500.

Can landlords include multiple properties?

Yes! If you have multiple properties within the participating boroughs, you may put as many eligible properties forward for works as you would like, provided you are able to contribute a third of the matching funds.

Am I limited to £7,500 worth of works?

The maximum grant award for landlords is £5,000 per property, however, you may agree to additional works with the scheme manager at your own expense.